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How to Do a Test Order on Shopify with Effective Techniques

Doing a test order on Shopify is one of the most important features of Shopify since people can know more about their purchase activities.

As a Shopify store owner, it is natural that you want to maintain a proper process of shopping for your customers.

To do that properly and help you, we’ve gathered the four practical ways of testing orders on Shopify, and let’s start when you are ready to learn.

What is a Test Order?

Test order is an act of making a simulation for the buyers about what would happen if they wanted to buy or sell something at their checkout processes.

You can control your checkouts, order processing, taxes, email notifications, inventories, and shipping on Shopify. That is how you can create a better and smoother relationship with your customers.

Before starting, you need to know that you have to be on a pricing plan and not on the free trial of Shopify to place a test order. You can change your trial or plan on your account’s Billing page.

It is not a must to perform test orders; however, it is a fact that you will gain much favor from the test orders you will make.

3 Ways of Doing a Test Order on Shopify

You can read further or jump into the techniques that will fit you best.

Get started by logging into your Shopify account and reaching your Admin panel.

Using Shopify’s Bogus Gateway

1. On your Shopify Admin panel, click Settings and then Payments.

shopify store settigs and payments in circles

2. Click Manage in the Shopify Payments section. Scroll down the page you view and click Switch to a third-party provider.

If the Shopify Payments section is unavailable based on your location, choose a provider in the Payment providers.

3. From the third-party provider choices, choose (for testing) Bogus Gateway.

Bogus Gateway Shopify test

4. Since you enable Bogus Gateway, select a reason to Deactivate Shopify Payments. Then, click Activate (for testing) Bogus Gateway.

Shopify Bogus Gateway test order activation page

5. Now, it’s time to create an order on your online store. Add a product to your cart, and click Check out.

6. First, fill in the contact information and shipping address for the test. Then, choose any shipping method on the next page before clicking Continue to payment.

7. Scroll down to the next page and fill in the Payments. You need to enter Bogus Gateway as the name on the card, and for the card number, there are different choices that you want to perform.

  • Enter 1 to simulate a successful transaction
  • Enter 2 to simulate a failed transaction
  • Enter 3 to simulate an exception (An error message exists from the provider.)

8. The expiration date can be any number in the future, and the security code can be any three digits.

9. Choose the Same as the shipping address for the billing address, and click Pay now.

10. Your test order is ready. You can view it on your Orders page and cancel it from the same page, More actions dropdown on the right top.

Simulation of Successful Transaction of Shopify Payments Test Mode

The best tip we can give you before starting is that if you cannot see any Shopify Payments, it means that you need to set up your Shopify payments.

1. Click “Settings” on the bottom of the left sidebar.

2. Find “Payments” and click on it.

3. In the first section, you will see the Shopify Payments section; choose “Manage”.

Shopify Payments at the top of the list and Manage option

4. Don’t forget to exclude your previous payments section on Shop Pay and Wallets if you have any. Uncheck them.

Shop Pay and Wallets boxes checking

5. Scroll down to the page and tick the box next to Enable test mode in the Test Mode section to activate the test order mode. Then, click “Save”.

Enabling test mode by checking the box

Now, since you have activated the test mode, you are not able to use your real credit cards, and you shouldn’t :).

6. To try the test order, click the eye icon on the Online Store tab.

7. Go to your Online Store page and add one of your products to your cart.

Online store and the product with add to cart button

8. You can view your cart and click Check out to continue the process.

check out button on Shopify page

9. You need to fill in the required details on the checkout page. It is recommended to add an email address to have email notifications. Lastly, click “Continue to shipping”

The product's check out page

10. Choose your shipping method available and click “Continue to payment”.

Shipping method and payment process

11. Some test card details must be considered for a successful payment transaction.

12. While filling in the payment section, you need to write at least two words with space for the Name on Card.

  • The expiry date should be a date in the future, and for the security code, enter any three digits to fill.
Test card details filling

13. Select Same as shipping address for the Billing address. Later, click Pay now.

Billing address and paying

You can see your order success page later on.

The page showing up when the there is a successful test order

14. You can view your orders on the Orders page.

The page where you see orders

15. While viewing your order details, you can also delete or refund the order from this section.

Order details page

16. To disable the test mode, go back to the Payment section from Settings and click Manage.

Payments page and turn off the test mode section

You can turn off your test mode immediately or follow the progress through the Manage page.

17. Scroll down the page and uncheck the Enable test mode.

Unchecking the check box

After trying for a successful transaction, you can check the boxes between Shop Pay and Wallets and deactivate Shopify Payments.

Simulation of Failed Transaction of Shopify Payments Test Mode

We need to remind you that if you cannot see any Shopify Payments, it means that you need to set up your Shopify payments.

1. On the Shopify admin panel, click Settings and Payments to Manage Shopify Payments.

Shopify Payments at the top of the list and Manage option

2. Disable any previous payment actions, like Shop Pay and Wallets.


3. Then, check the box Enable test mode and then “Save”.

Enabling test mode by checking the box

4. Now, go to your Online Store and add a product to your cart.

Online store and the product with add to cart button

5. Click Check out to head to the customer details page.

check out button on Shopify page

6. For further progress, you need to fill in the related details. Using your real information is unnecessary since it’s a failed simulation.

The product's check out page

7. Also, select the shipping method on the next page and click Continue to payment.

Shipping method and payment process

8. On the Payment page, you need to fill in the credit card details with some certain information.

  • It is better to choose the card number failure method on the table.
  • You need to write at least two words for the Name on the Card blank.
  • You can write one of those in the table above for the credit card number or the other details. If you try all the details together, it will also be a problem to continue the process.
filling the blanks with failed credit card details

9. Choose Same as shipping address and click Pay now.

10. You will get an error message on the current page without further progress.

card declined error on Shopify check out page for test order

11. To disable test mode, click Manage on Shopify Payments again. Then, scroll down the page and uncheck the Enable test mode.

Unchecking the check box

After trying for the failed test order simulation, you should deactivate Shopify Payments; and activate your Shop Pay and Wallets.

Why is Shopify Test Order Important?

The most straightforward answer is that test order on Shopify provides a seamless checkout process for your customers. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for you and your customers to know how your payment process works.

It also guarantees your service for your customers since you are not charged for test orders, and it is smooth with no errors.

Besides, the taxes are calculated easier with the test order you prepare, and you can easily do orders for testing.

Tips for Shopify Test Order

Certain tips for applying while doing test orders on Shopify:

  • You need to be on a specific pricing plan and not
  • It is not probable to use real credit cards when activating the test mode.
  • Don’t fulfill any test orders with the real details that belong to you. It can charge you with real information, even if it’s a test order.
  • Don’t forget to activate your test mode before acting because if your account automatically fulfills the orders, you will be charged.
  • No payouts or transaction fees on test orders. You can’t receive any of them, so you shouldn’t be worried.

Sum Up

Knowing how to do a test order on Shopify can help you in the distant future since you don’t need it all the time, but it is best to know if you need it in any case.

You can check your checkout process and payments from time to time to keep track of your business and your customers’ experiences.

We hope the techniques of doing a test order on Shopify can help you with your company and your sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Test orders on Shopify may create some questions in your mind. We have listed a few of them for you.

Is It Possible to Delete Test Orders on Shopify?

Yes, it is. You can simply delete test orders in all types of test order techniques. After you have completed your test order, you can view it on the Orders page, as we emphasize. Then, when you decide to delete it, click More actions and Cancel order. That is how you can delete the process you have done.

Can I Do a Test Order Before I Launch My Website?

Yes, you can. Even it’s an advantage for you to try before launching your website. You can try and see if your customers' checkout process is smooth. Also, you can benefit from controlling payments.

Why Shouldn’t I Use Real Information for the Test Order on Shopify?

Because if you skip the step of enabling test orders and put your real information in the related fields, it can actually charge you. Therefore, avoid using your real information when you do a test order on Shopify.

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