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Guest Posting Guidelines for the Popupsmart Blog

Thanks for your interest in writing a guest post for the Popupsmart blog! Great to see you here.

If you have exceptional copywriting skills and would like to share your expertise in a topic (that matches our blog) with a marketing audience, growth hackers, or digital business owners, we’re excited to hear your pitch.

As you might guess, we have criteria to meet. So, please take the time to read through this guideline before sending your submission.

Guest Blog Post Essentials

1. Familiarize with the Popupsmart Blog

Our Audience: Popupsmart audience is typically B2B, including marketers, e-commerce store owners, SaaS, and other small to medium business owners, marketing agencies in addition to students and people eager to learn about digital marketing.

Our Topics: Lead gen, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, and other digital marketing strategies/tips/tricks, SEO, SaaS tips, and popup/opt-in form-related topics. Please pitch the editor to suggest other related topics before starting your copy.

Post Types We Accept

All articles must be 100% original with sources provided.

  • Statistical analysis, surveys, reports
  • How-to guides, techniques, cheatsheets, and platforms within our topic spec.
  • Case studies
  • Tips, strategies, or tools
  • Examples or templates
  • How-to guides and strategies regarding Shopify, WordPress, or other popular CMS platforms.

We won’t accept topics unrelated to our audience.

2. Check If We Already Covered Your Topic

To quickly check whether or not your topic idea is already covered in our blog, simply copy and paste this URL into your browser’s search bar, “site:popupsmart.com/blog” and leave a space followed by the primary keyword you’re targeting with your post.

3. Meet Our Blog Post Content Essentials

Minimum word count: Posts should be at least 2000 words. However, we don’t encourage losing value for the sake of quantity. Make sure your content is high-quality and has a clear focus with in-depth explanations in clear language so that readers from different levels can learn equally.

Content Originality: Your content must be 100% original and hasn’t been published elsewhere.

Titles: Titles should be 50-60 characters long, and headings should have a logical hierarchy (H1, H2, H3.)


  • Paragraphs shouldn’t be longer than three to five sentences.
  • All posts must have an introduction and conclusion.
  • Use bullet points to streamline the chunky copy to the eye.
  • All copies must be grammatically correct.
  • Use simple language in your content.

Images: Please name all images and write alt texts for each. The images you include in your post must be license-free. Always cite image sources. For example, write Image Source: under each image and give a link to the source. This is for our information, and the links to the images won’t be counted within your outgoing links limit.

Outgoing Links: We allow a maximum of two links in each post, and they should be used for further understanding of the topic. We do not allow any links for self-promotion or to transfer PageRank. All links will primarily have the “rel=nofollow” attribution, following Google’s Guidelines. Please do not include any affiliate links. Do not use generic or unrelated anchor texts.

Internal Links: Link to 3-5 related Popupsmart blog posts in each piece.

Additional elements: We may accept posts with additional content elements like videos, infographics, or other visuals. Please pitch the editor before adding any.

After Publishing: Once we publish your content, you cannot republish it on any other platform unless it is canonicalized to us.

4. Don’t Expect a Dofollow Link.

We do not allow more than two outgoing links, and they will have a “rel=nofollow” attribute. In addition, any piece that may potentially have the intention for a link-building scheme will be disregarded.

What We Won’t Accept

  • Any content that might be a link-building scheme
  • Any topic we’ve already covered in our blog. Make sure to perform a search of our site before you propose a topic.
  • Anything plagiarized or published elsewhere
  • Anything that contains offensive or inaccurate content
  • Anything that is written to promote a company, person, or organization
  • Anything that overly criticizes individuals or companies
  • Anything that fails to meet our minimum blog post requirements (both format and topic wise)

We Might…

  • Popupsmart editors have the right to edit submitted guest posts to make sure they meet our standards.
  • We can’t allow you to republish your post on other platforms such as Medium, LinkedIn, or Inbound.org. Etc.
  • In rare cases, a published guest post might be removed from the blog, and the URL gets recycled with another post.
  • Popupsmart has all the rights to add Popupsmart calls-to-action like links to other PS posts, email newsletters, ebooks, or other downloadable content.
  • Popupsmart marketing team reserves all right to use a guest post or its likeness across our channels, including social media.

Steps to Follow When Submitting Your Pitch

Step 1: Make Google Site Search for the topic (check if we’ve already covered it.)

Step 2: Appropriately format your post following the guide provided in this content.

Step 3: Check your content’s grammar or spelling mistakes.

Step 4: Submit your guest post pitch with the following:

  • Subject line for your pitch: “Guest Pitch: [Title Suggestion of The Post]”
  • Your finished post or pitch as a Google Document link with editing permissions set to “anyone with the link.”
  • If you have images in your post, make sure to compress them and add them to your Google document with the sources given below.
  • Short author bio, clean headshot, links to your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to be linked.

Content Usage Guidelines

We appreciate your interest in sharing or republishing our content, but here are some ground rules to abide by…

  • Feel free to share our blog posts and infographic through social media or email as long as you link to the original source in honor of the attribution policy. We love that you like and share our content!
  • Referencing is okay up to 75 words of any of our content (statistics, facts, quotes, figures, etc.) in your own blog articles or other documents following the Content Attribution Policy below.
  • We can’t allow republishing of any of our content in full on the web. The reason? They would be considered duplicate content, and that would suck for SEO.
  • Do not claim our content as your original ideas. (e.g., making it seem like your own idea or republishing it as your own content)
  • Unfortunately, we can’t provide original files upon request (PDFs, original video files, etc.)
  • You can’t try or make money out of our content in any way.

For guest posts, we will give credit to you as the author and link to your LinkedIn and Twitter.

Content Attribution Policy

  • Always attribute Popupsmart as the source.
  • If you’re referencing a PS post, link to the original post.
  • For downloadable content offered by Popupsmart, just share the link to its landing page.

Ready to Be Our Guest Wordsmith?

We will let you know if your article aligns with our content strategy and meets our guidelines within two weeks. However, the process might take time, and publishing the accepted post could exceed it. Unfortunately, due to the number of requests, we cannot respond to each submission.

Read everything and think that your article idea fits perfectly in our blog and guidelines? Then, we are thrilled to share your content!