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Best 16 Google SERP APIs for Enhanced Search Page Insights

Google SERP APIs can ease your work and help you with your searches.

In businesses, time is precious, and research takes the time of professionals.

Thus, with the simplest explanation, Google SERP API gives a hand in this research.

In this article, we have examined the best 16 Google SERP APIs that will help you scrape pages and have insights.

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What is Google SERP API?

Google SERP API, also known as Search Engine Results Page Application Programming Interface, is a tool that scrapes and gathers data from the results pages of Google.

That is, when you search for something, the programs collect listings from Google.

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Generally, Google SERP API helps you reach the best results for titles, descriptions, queries, and necessary details.

Also, you can use it to improve your SEO performance, primarily for keyword research, search engine analysis, and monitoring keyword research details.

What is the Importance of SERP API?

SERP APIs are effective for the development and especially the growth of businesses.

Therefore, we can highlight the point that Google SERP API helps you more than your SEO performance.

Also, SERP API matters for many reasons. We can order the importance:

  • You can scrape data simultaneously with real-time activities.
  • It is a budget-friendly option to prefer for improving business.
  • You can easily handle the customization of your searches.
  • Though you work with high volumes, APIs can cope with it accurately.
  • Programming languages are used effectively.
  • APIs provide responses in JSON, HTML, or CSV.

16 Google SERP APIs to Scrape and Enhance Search Results

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We have focused on different alternatives, but they have similar processes for working with Google SERP API.

Let’s look at the tools together!

1. Bright Data

a screenshot of Bright Data's Google Search API landing page

Bright Data’s Google Search API is an efficient service that provides an interface for accessing Google's versatile search engine technology.

It supports many search types, functioning seamlessly across multiple code languages and easily integrating with JSON and HTML formats.

Key Features:

  • Offers a range of search parameters, including rankings, shopping data, maps, hotel details, image-related data, trends, reviews, news, and job listings
  • Speedy API responses within 5 seconds of a request
  • Full pagination and sorting for easy organization of extensive search results
  • Advanced security for user data
  • Compatible with multiple devices

Pricing: Bright Data's SERP API has a free trial and offers several plans with variable pricing based on user needs:

  • A Pay-as-you-go plan is available with no commitment required and is priced at $3/CPM.
  • The Micro-package plan costs $10 per month and $1.8/CPM. With 5,555 requests, it is designed for users with minimal search needs.
  • A Growth plan, perfect for expanding teams, at $500 per month and $2.3/CPM,  offering 217,391 requests.
  • The Business plan, suitable for large-scale operations, is priced at $1000 per month,  $2.03/CP, and has 492,610 requests.
  • An Enterprise plan tailored for industry leaders offers custom packages and premium SLA, priority support, tailored onboarding, SSO, customizations, and Audit Logs at a custom price point.

2. Serpstack

Serpstack homepage with blue background

Serpstack is a cloud-based API service that offers solutions to access search engines, including Google, Yandex, Bing, and Yahoo.

It also offers covered full search engine details, like web, images, videos, news, and shopping.

With customizable use, you can easily reach high-volume API requests.

Key Features:

  • Pagination and sorting to manage lots of search results
  • Simple integration with custom choices
  • Utmost speed with API requests
  • Compatible with programming languages like JSON and CSV
  • High-level security (bank-grade 256-bit SSL Encryption)

Pricing: There is a free plan and four paid plans. The monthly billing is as follows:

  • The first plan is Free with 1000 searches, global locations, a proxy network, and more.
  • The second plan is the Basic plan, costing $29.99 with 5000 searches, JSON & CSV, and no rate limit.
  • The third plan is the Business plan, costing $99.99 for 20.000 searches, HTTPS encryption, and standard support.
  • Another plan is the Business Pro, costing $199.99 for 50.000 searches, proxy network, search types, and JSON & CSV.
  • The Enterprise is the custom plan of Serpstack, and it totally presents custom solutions.

3. Zenserp

Zenserp homepage with a dark blue background and explanations

Zenserp is a Google SERP API that is scalable and instant while scraping your search engine results page.

Also, Zenserp is always ready to notify you with an email if you hit 90% or 100% to change your plan and get informed.

The focus of the Google SERP API tool is the data accuracy and real-time results that will help your searches.

Key Features:

  • Geo-location possibility to extend the range
  • Supporting all programming languages
  • No learning curve
  • Possible to handle volume requests of different sizes
  • Playground with categories like localization, pagination, and advanced parameters

Pricing: There is a free plan and four paid plans. To observe the monthly billing of Zenserp:

  • The Free plan includes 50 searches.
  • The Small plan costs $29 for 5,000 searches and all SERP types.
  • The Medium plan costs $89 for 20.000 searches, batch endpoint, keyword search volume and more.
  • The Large plan costs $189 for 50.000 searches, keyword CPC, bulk index checker (GUI) and more.
  • The Very Large plan costs $399 for month 120.000 searches, personal support, concierge onboarding, service level agreement, custom queue and more.
  • Plus, there are different plans that can be defined high volume plans with 1.000.000 searches at maximum. More than this number, you should contact the team.

4. SerpApi

SerpApi homepage with Google search bar and purple background

SerpApi is a versatile Google SERP API, which enriches the search experience.

The advantageous side of SerpApi is that it presents the search bars on its homepage’s above-the-fold.

Thus, people can easily adapt themselves to the system and test search by themselves.

Key Features:

  • Easy Integration with preferred programming languages
  • Different types of use cases for SEO, Local SEO, AI Models, Voice Assistants, and more
  • Direct answer- real-time results
  • Detailed library support
  • Arranging the section on the Playground- geographic location, localization, advanced filters, pagination, advanced parameters, and SerpApi parameters

Pricing: There are two types of plans: Standard and Enterprise.

  • In Standard pricing, there are a free plan and three paid plans: Developer, Production, and Big Data.
  • The Free plan includes 100 searches and no legal US shield.
  • The Developer plan costs $50 for 50.000 searches.
  • The Production plan costs $130 for 15.000 searches and legal US shield.
  • The Big Data plan costs $250 for 30.000 searches, legal US shield, and medium throughput.
  • The Enterprise plan starts at $3.000 for custom US contract, priority support & tickets, 100% uptime, and more.

5. Scale SERP

Scale SERP homepage with red background and a search bar

Scale SERP is a Google SERP API that empowers SEO services.

Scale SERP defines itself as the most complete Google SERP Data API with device responsivity and extreme performance.

Also, it is probable to mention that the brand achieves its aim by providing a wide scale of services related to SERP.

Key Features:

  • Providing global and local networks with a wide range
  • AI Page Parsing for proper execution
  • The use of different formats for API responses
  • Advanced playground to find answers
  • Live demos to manage variations

Pricing: The Free Tier provides 125 searches for one month for free.

  • The pricing starts from 1,000 searches for $19 per month and to 5M for $4.999.
  • You can reach different features and cancel anytime with instant activation.

6. Smartproxy

Smartproxy homepage with black background and interactive details

Smartproxy is an evolving and detailed Google SERP APı with many effective features.

You can decide the proxy solutions by use cases or by targets.

Additionally, Smartproxy is best known as one of the trusted and well-known brand examples for Google SERP API.

Key Features:

  • Effortlessly handle big data with top performance
  • Providing accurate data for business decisions
  • Free tools to use for experience while scraping APIs
  • Synchronous and asynchronous requests possibility
  • Useful playground to deal with and add configurations- maximum control

Pricing: You have a chance to choose flexible plans in terms of all products of Smartproxy.

  • When it comes to scraping API, it starts from $50 per month.
  • If you are curious about proxies, their pricing plans are also budget-friendly and cares your time and money equally.

7. ScraperAPI

Scraper API page with clear appearance on a white background

ScraperAPI is a tool that simplifies web scraping by managing proxies, captchas, and IP rotations.

Plus, ScraperAPI works for unlimited bandwidth and creates reliable sources to crawl.

Key Features:

  • Anti-bot detection to prevent from being blocked
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Global results - 40M IPs around the world
  • Customizing dataset possibility
  • Different formats to gather data

Pricing: ScraperAPI has a free plan and paid plans.

  • The Free plan includes 5.000 free API credits for 7 days.
  • The Hobby plan includes 100.000 API credits, 20 Concurrent Threads, and US & EU Geotargeting, which cost $49.
  • The Startup plan includes 1,000,000 API Credits, 50 Concurrent Threads, and US & EU Geotargeting, which cost $149.
  • The Business plan includes 3,000,000 API Credits, 100 Concurrent Threads, and All Geotargeting, which cost $299.
  • The Professional plan includes 14,000,000 API Credits, 400 Concurrent Threads, and All Geotargeting, which cost $999.
  • If you need more than 10.000.000 API credits and premium features, you need to contact the ScraperAPI team.

8. Apify

Apify homepage with soft and white colors with CTA buttons

Apify pays attention to what you need and serves more than that by scraping the web and monitoring automation tools.

Trusted by a well-known brand, Apify checks and crates a full-stack program.

Also, Apify uses actors as the credits of the account.

Key Features:

  • Different libraries to work with
  • Ready-made integrations to use
  • Visual interface to follow by professionals
  • Competitor ranking control
  • Human-like browser fingerprints

Pricing: There are five plans in total, including a free plan and paid ones.

  • The Free plan provides $5 as your credit, and for the compute units part, 10CUs are allowed.
  • The Starter plan, costing $49, provides $49 as your credit and for the compute units part, 100CUs are given. If you are into it, you can pay as you go as well.
  • The Scale plan, costing $499, provides $499 as your credit, and for the compute units part, 500CUs are given. If you are into it, you can pay as you go as well.
  • The Business plan, costing $999, provides $999 as your credit, and for the compute units part, 1.000CUs are given. If you are into it, you can pay as you go as well.
  • The Enterprise plan needs to have custom pricing.

9. HasData (Formerly Scrape-it.Cloud)

the homepage of Scrape-it.Cloud which is a Google SERP API

HasData presents the most practical and clear way of sharing the outputs without any need for coding.

By benefiting from HasData, you can get insights from SEO Monitoring, competitor analysis, local business insight, and content planning.

Key Features:

  • No limit for scraping data from complex sites
  • Javascript rendering and using different libraries
  • Proxies for safer and automated scraping
  • Integration possibilities to improve data extraction
  • Super fast to get HTML content

Pricing: You can use HasData for free for 30 days with 1000 API credits. The other paid plans are as follows:

  • The Individual plan: $29 for 50,000 API Credits and 5 Concurrent Request.
  • The Startup plan: $49 for 200,000 API Credits and 15 Concurrent Requests.
  • The Business plan: $99 for 1,000,000 API Credits and 30 Concurrent Requests.
  • The Enterprise plan: $249 for 3,000,000 API Credits and 50 Concurrent Requests.

10. DataforSEO

DataforSEO homepage with impressive color of black and green for buttons

DataforSEO gives a general complete set of result elements.

Moreover, DataforSEO has a service that provides a strong knowledge base to guide professionals.

DataforSEO has in-built marketing tools and search engines as well so it is possible to be counted for Google SERP API.

Key Features:

  • Highlighted customer support
  • Different types of solutions- by company, industry, application
  • Worldwide network locations
  • Accurate data and fast turnaround time
  • Various integration probability

Pricing: DataforSEO is highly flexible with its pricing since it uses “pay per use”, and you are only charged for what you use.

  • This is a common application since the tool has different categories, and they all impress together.

11. SERPhouse

SERPhouse homepage with purple and white colors on the page with a woman icon figuring searches

SERPhouse has different tools to build SEO tools.

When it comes to the SERP types, there is a variety of tools, like Web Search API, Image Search API, and News Search API.

Also, SERPhouse has an infrastructure that includes a vast proxy network, AI page parsing, and Captcha solving.

Key Features:

  • Accurate results based on different locations, languages, and results
  • Responsivity of different devices
  • Wide range of locations
  • Bulk processing
  • Postback and Pingback URL

Pricing: There are four plans: Free Trial, Basic, Regular, and Custom.

  • The Free Trial has 200 Live SERPs, 200 Delayed SERPs.
  • The Basic plan costs $29.99 for 20,000 Live SERPs, 20,000 Delayed SERPs.
  • The Regular plan costs $49.99 for 40,000 Live SERPs, 40,000 Delayed SERPs.
  • The Custom plan doesn’t have a determined pricing, but the services mostly do not have any limitations.

12. Serper

Serper homepage with fully dark background

Serper has a very direct system to understand and quite fast to respond.

It directly leads you to your dashboard after you log in to your account with searches and necessary details.

Key Features:

  • Various types to find related areas
  • Locale options to search
  • Autocorrect of codes
  • Analytics page to show details
  • Times and information of logs

Pricing: Serper has comparatively high-priced plans: Starter, Standard, Scale, and Ultimate.

  • Starter: $50 for 50k credits ($1.00/1k), submit 50,000 queries.
  • Standard: $375 for 500k credits, submit 500,000 queries.
  • Scale: $1250 for 2.5M credits ($0.50/1k), submit 2,500,000 queries.
  • Ultimate: $3750 for 12.5M credits ($0.30/1k), submit 12,500,000 queries.

13. Whatsmyserp

Whatsmyserp homepage with blue writing on white page

Whatsmyserp is a free Google SERP API that only supports Google as a search engine currently.

With on-demand checks, Whatsmyserp keeps track of the status and searches.

Key Features:

  • GMB tracking
  • Location-based search result
  • Reports in CSV format to download
  • URL sharing with team members
  • Integrations with Google Analytics

Pricing: There is a free forever option on Whatsmyserp. Furthermore, the pricing is determined by the keyword numbers.

  • You will be charged based on the number of keywords you use.
  • 25 Keywords= $4.99/mo
  • 200 Keywords= $19.99/mo
  • 500 Keywords= $29.99/mo
  • 1000 Keywords= $59.99/mo

14. Outscraper

the homepage of Outscraper which is a Google SERP API

Outscraper is a Google SERP API that provides reliable, fast, and accurate data for your searches.

Also, Outscraper offers cutting-edge technologies for those who are looking for a useful alternative.

Key Features:

  • The use for development, data science, and marketing
  • Simultaneous task management
  • Cloud scraping
  • Updates that regulate responsibilities
  • Different services to scrape data from public sources

Pricing: Outscraper adopts a pay-as-you-go pricing plan. There is a free tier you can use for 25 searches.

  • Medium Tier: Each search is charged $0.06 after 25 searches.
  • Business Tier: Each search is charged $0.05 after 5.000 searches.

15. SerpWow

SerpWow homepage where the interactive motto and a search bar exist

SerpWow is an easy tool that integrates with Python, PHP, Node.js, CURL or Galang.

Besides, the live demos are the outstanding features of SerpWow because they aim to show the efficiency of the application.

Key Features:

  • Responsive for many devices
  • More than one search engine- Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, Naver, Amazon, and eBay
  • Worldwide locations for getting global
  • JSON, CSV, or HTML formats for getting data
  • No need for proxies to work

Pricing: There is a free search option for up to 100 searches. SerpWow’s pricing plan starts from $25 per month and expands to $ 9,000 per month. You can determine payment according to the size of your business and expectations.

16. Scrapingdog

ScrapingDog home page

Scrapingdog offers a specialized API designed for extracting Google Search Results, which is distinct from its general Web Scraping API.

Users can anticipate a swift average response time of approximately 2.98 seconds, positioning it as a notably rapid API in the market.

Moreover, Scrapingdog maintains a commendable level of data accuracy, ensuring reliable results with each extraction. If users require assistance, the platform is backed by responsive customer support to address inquiries promptly.

Key Features:

  • Supports all programming language
  • Has 40M+ IPs around the globe
  • Inbuilt Anti-Bot detection mechanism to prevent blocking
  • Get results based on different locations
  • Easy to integrate and user-friendly

Pricing: You can use Scrapingdog for free as it offers 1000 free monthly credits. There are different plans to increase the limit, which are:

  • The Lite plan is $30 for 200,000 credits and 5 concurrent requests.
  • The Standard plan is $90 for 1,000,000 credits and 50 concurrent requests
  • The Pro plan is $200 for 3,000,000 credits and 100 concurrent requests.
  • The Enterprise plan is $500 for 8,000,000 credits and 200 concurrent requests. You can also buy a custom plan if your requirements are heavy.

What Are the Considerations When Choosing the Right SERP API?

We have covered different alternatives that can help you consider and scrape with SERP APIs.

The tools we choose can be known as the most valuable in the field, but

However, while making your choice, you need to decide on the crucial marks to influence your decisions.

Here are the vital points:

  • Accuracy and Reliability: Though you scrape all kinds of data, you should adopt a tool you trust for its accuracy and reliability.
  • Customization and Flexibility: The tool you choose has to have the customization and flexibility options you target.
  • Pricing: It is essential to look out for pricing in your mind to make your pricing fit your mind.
  • Scalability and Data Quality: We have presented the most featured tools, however, you should choose the richest one in both scalability and data quality.
  • Response Time: Time is precious. Thus, how much your tool’s response time is shorter, it will create a quick answer for you.
  • Geolocation: While arranging your search, whether it’s local or global, geolocation should be open to change.
  • Language: Like geolocation, language should be drawn attention to make the difference between SERP APIs.
  • Easy Integration: You can need more tools than a simple SERP API, so the tool should be open to the integrations you’re looking for.
  • Extra Features: As you can imagine, most tools have common features to access data, but you may need extra features to enhance your work.

To Conclude

In summary, Google SERP APIs aim to better the performance of your business, and you can easily get along with that.

Consider the points and benefits of Google SERP API while making the right decision.

Then, you will be able to scrape and gather data more easily and practically than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though the focus is on the tools, you might have some questions in your mind.

Let’s answer them accordingly based on your needs and the details that will affect your strategy.

Who Can Use Google SERP API?

Anyone can use Google SERP API. However, if we revise the questions and specify the answers, we can answer that developers, marketers, SEO professionals, business owners, and researchers can use Google SERP API.

What Are Some Use Cases of Google SERP API?

With all the benefits and examples, Google SERP API can also be used for many cases. For instance, firstly and most importantly, you can improve your SEO strategies by tracking keyword performances. Or, you can analyze your competitors in searches. Plus, it is also possible to combine marketing activities and search results.

Can I Use a Google SERP API to Automate Reporting?

Yes, you can. Google SERP API is used to organize search results, so it is easy to automate and provide consistent results. Also, this activity is for saving time and maintaining automation.

Is There Any Illegal Side of Using Google SERP API?

Yes and no at the same time. Using Google SERP API has some limitations, and if you do not work with them, it might violate Google’s terms of use and API policies. Therefore, you need to follow compliance.

What is the Difference between SERP API and Google SERP API?

While SERP API focuses on accessing information on different search engines, Google SERP API only pays attention to information on Google as the only search engine.

Can I Rearrange Historical Search Data Using the API?

No, because The Google SERP API primarily focuses on current search results. If you're looking for historical data, you should use other tools or APIs specializing in historical search data analysis.

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