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Top 11 eBay Dataset Providers for Valuable Insights

As data becomes increasingly vital across industries, eBay stands as a powerhouse of information, generating millions of transactions and product listings daily.

The immense potential of eBay datasets for researchers, analysts, and machine learning enthusiasts cannot be understated.

It’s essential to rely on eBay dataset providers to harness the true power of eBay datasets.

High-quality and accurate data is the foundation for meaningful insights and reliable conclusions.

We gathered the top 11 eBay dataset providers along with their features so that you can choose the one for you.

Let’s unlock the hidden potential of eBay dataset providers together!

Understanding eBay Datasets

a cloud storing data and a lock

In the vast world of e-commerce, eBay databases are sources of knowledge.

Datasets from eBay’s online marketplace are both structured and unstructured in nature.

They contain a wide range of information, such as product listings, sales data, user reviews, seller ratings, and pricing information. These databases fully depict eBay’s blooming ecology by capturing the dynamics of e-commerce.

Applications of eBay Datasets

eBay datasets have a wide range of uses. To demonstrate their adaptability, consider these examples:

Market research and trend analysis: eBay datasets allow researchers to gain deep insights into market trends, consumer behavior, and demand patterns.

By analyzing sales data, user reviews, and product attributes, researchers can identify emerging trends and popular product categories and understand customer preferences.

Pricing optimization: For businesses operating on eBay or other e-commerce platforms, eBay datasets provide valuable insights into pricing strategies. By analyzing historical pricing data and competitor information, sellers can optimize their pricing decisions to attract buyers and maximize profitability.

Recommender systems: eBay datasets fuel the development of sophisticated recommender systems. By leveraging user behavior and transactional data, machine learning algorithms can suggest personalized recommendations, improving user experience and driving engagement.

Top 11 eBay Dataset Providers You Can Use

Here, we gathered the top 11 eBay dataset providers you can use for your business and different use cases. Discover them by examining their top features and pricing details, and decide on which one can be suitable for your needs.

1. Bright Data

a screenshot of the landing page of Bright Data's eBay dataset provider

Bright Data’s eBay dataset is one of the most useful options, and it allows you to discover new products and sellers and get valuable insight into sellers on eBay. Being among the most popular web data platforms, Bright Data provides various user-friendly solutions for providing eBay datasets.

Top Features:

  • For a comprehensive e-commerce marketplace overview, eBay datasets include data points such as P/N, product name, brands, description, price, list price, discount, product ratings, reviews, shipping details, seller details, categories, & more.
  • You can optimize your product inventory by identifying gaps, increased demand for specific products, and consumer trends.
  • Monitoring eBay sellers’ performance by analyzing ratings, consumer feedback on shipping time, charges, product match, and communication with customers are possible.
  • Bright Data provides data quality assurance to its users. You can get accurate, fresh, and complete datasets that cover millions of pages and tens of millions of data points.
  • Datasets are offered in JSON, JSON, CSV, or Excel format types for versatility. Also, delivery methods include AWS, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, SFTP, and more.

Pricing: You can request a quote based on your dataset requirements, with prices starting from $0.001 per record. Also, free dataset samples are available for existing datasets.

Get started with Bright Data’s eBay datasets now.

2. Kaggle

a screenshot of the landing page of Kaggle, which is an eBay dataset provider

Kaggle is a machine learning and data science community that provides tools and resources for data science. By exploring this, you can quickly find eBay datasets.

Top Features:

  • From the Datasets page, you can get an overview of trending datasets and various dataset categories.
  • With the eBay product listing dataset, you can discover product listing data from eBay. A sample that contains 30K records is available, which can be informative.
  • Apart from product listing, there are various datasets for eBay, such as pricing, sold items, sales data, and so on.
  • Filtering datasets according to their file size, file type, license, and usability rating is possible.
  • The platform supports file types such as CSV, JSON, SQLite, BigQuery, and more than 50,000 public datasets are available.

Pricing: Free.

3. Web Automation

a screenshot of the landing page of Web Auotomation, which is an eBay dataset provider

Web Automation is a data provider tool that offers solutions for eBay. By using this tool’s eBay solutions, you can monitor certain datasets and get insights according to your use cases.

Top Features:

  • eBay Price Scrapper extractor allows users to extract category product prices to get a better insight into pricing details.
  • Users can extract data, like images, etc., from eBay with quick and easy steps.
  • Product information data can be viewed, and it includes title, condition, image URL, price, availability, and URL.
  • eBay Sold Items Extractor solution lets you extract data on completed & sold listings. Details like price and sold date can be monitored as well.
  • Extracted data can be downloaded in CSV, XML, XLSX, and JSON file formats.


  • The Project plan starts from $99 per month and includes 400.0K row credits.
  • The Start-Up plan starts from $249 per month and includes 1.5M credits.
  • The Business plan starts from $449 per month and includes 3.0M row credits and two free extractor build.
  • The Corporate plan starts from $999 per month and includes 12.0M row credits and two free extractor build.
  • Pay-as-you-go and Enterprise plans are also available, and you can contact sales for further details.

4. X-Byte

a screenshot of the landing page of X-Byte, which is an eBay dataset provider

X-Byte offers solutions for web scraping and can be used for eBay datasets. It also offers solutions for mobile applications and provides actionable insights.

Top Features:

  • You can extract detailed data from eBay product prices, including title, image URL, condition, price, URL, and availability.
  • Tracking market changes and getting valuable insights for go-to-market strategies are possible.
  • Monitors real-time competitor pricing across all merchandise categories.
  • X-Byte offers sentiment analysis for product reviews and historical trend analysis. Also, it performs keyword, reviews and rating analysis for brand monitoring.
  • Extracts product data from Amazon for trend analysis and buyer inspiration by scraping buy box details, tracking best sellers’ ranks, and monitoring reviews and ratings on Amazon.

Pricing: For pricing details, you can get in touch with the sales team.

5. Scrapelabs

a screenshot of the landing page of Scrapelabs, which is an eBay dataset provider

Scrapelabs is a web scraping service that allows users to get data from e-commerce websites. By using this tool, you can monitor valuable insights from eBay.

Top Features:

  • Thousands of top products from each Amazon subcategory are scraped. Available data from marketplaces include eBay, Walmart, and more.
  • You can set a custom schedule for data scraping, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or other preferences.
  • Users can provide seller IDs or company names they want to exclude, and the tool will provide net new sellers’ data.
  • The tool checks if the seller’s name exactly matches one of the brands they sell.
  • The data is updated monthly to ensure its freshness. You can stay informed about price changes made by competitors and understand the underlying trends.

Pricing: Custom scraping starts from $395 and includes data from any website, customization, and fast turnaround times.

6. Unwrangle

a screenshot of the landing page of Unwrangle, which is an eBay dataset provider

Unwrangle is an e-commerce data API that allows users to scrape product data and customer reviews.

Top Features:

  • You can scrape search ranks, product pricing, customer reviews, availability, and more from top e-commerce marketplaces using this dataset provider.
  • It supports popular platforms such as Amazon (USA, UK, Canada, Germany, etc.), Walmart, Costco, AliExpress, eBay, Yelp, and more.
  • Identifying macro and micro trends across product categories with verified purchase reviews is possible, which can be great for market research.
  • You can monitor product details, URLs, thumbnails, pricing, model numbers, stock status, and more.
  • You can keep track of customer feedback on products and business locations. Also, you can use online reviews to estimate customer sentiment towards brands or companies.


  • The Starter plan is $99 per month and includes 100,000 monthly credits, one request per second, and email support.
  • The Standard plan is $249 and includes 300,000 monthly credits, one request per second, and email support.
  • The Professional plan is $499 and includes 750,000 monthly credits, one request per second, and email support.
  • The Enterprise plan is for $999 and includes 2,000,000 monthly credits, five requests per second, and priority support.

7. Wersel

a screenshot of the landing page of Wersel, which is an eBay dataset provider

Wersel is an AI-enabled people analytics and insights software with various useful solutions.

Top Features:

  • Wersel’s features include people & AI analytics, data management, flexible collaboration, and enterprise search.
  • You can monitor competitor prices in any country, currency, or marketplace, such as Amazon and eBay.
  • Daily price tracking for accurate insights is possible, which can be helpful for up-to-date information.
  • You can set minimum price rules and track resellers to maintain the brand’s price positioning and image.
  • Wersel’s PriceX product automatically adjusts prices to improve profit margins based on competitor and stock availability changes.

Pricing: You can contact with business team for pricing details.

8. Infotrie

a screenshot of the landing page of Infotrie, which is an eBay dataset provider

InfoTrie is a data provider that offers data solutions for alternative data, which are e-commerce, job posting, sentiment analysis, corporate data & news, and social media.

Top Features:

  • Sample sources and external links include e-Commerce marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Alibaba, Rakuten, Walmart, AliExpress, MercadoLibre, Poshmark, and more.
  • You can analyze miscellaneous reports and surveys providing statistical data on e-commerce trends.
  • With targeted e-commerce data analytics, you can understand trends and capture popular preferences and dislikes.
  • Sample features include product name, brand name, category, average rating, review count, review URL, review date, review country, review title, and more.
  • Evaluation metrics include classification, text, and ranking accuracy.

Pricing: You can contact the team for details.

9. Traject Data

a screenshot of the landing page of Traject Data eBay dataset provider

Traject Data offers solutions like SERP APIs and e-commerce APIs. According to your needs, you can get the most out of the tool’s API capabilities.

Top Features:

  • E-commerce APIs cover platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, and Home Depot.
  • You can access real-time, detailed product data to improve pricing, positioning, and product performance.
  • Making requests or scheduling API calls as frequently as needed, from small requests to large volumes, are possible.
  • You can receive data in multiple formats (JSON, CSV, HTML) for easy integration into existing systems.
  • APIs provide structured data that seamlessly integrate into cloud storage, data warehouses, or business intelligence tools.


  • SERP APIs start from $19 per month and provide starter and high-volume plans and pay-as-you-go options.
  • E-commerce APIs start from $15 per month and provide starter and high-volume plans and pay-as-you-go options.

10. Data.world

a screenshot of the landing page of Data.world, which is an eBay dataset provider

data.world is a data catalog platform that helps people to find and use data. It provides open data datasets and a comprehensive view according to various use cases.

Top Features:

  • Solutions of data.world includes cloud data migration, data discovery, agile data governance, data mesh, DataOps, and semantic layer.
  • The platform is built on a knowledge graph architecture to provide a unified view of data resources and knowledge for faster insights and business continuity.
  • eBay dataset details can include pricing, brand, images, breadcrumbs, product descriptions, in-stock information, and more.
  • Intuitive data discovery with a chat-like experience for easy data access is available.
  • Context-specific results delivered quickly for finding relevant information. Also, approved data access and data sources are provided.

Pricing: Essentials, Standard, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ plans are available. You can get in touch with the team for a demo and learn more about pricing details.

11. DataStock

a screenshot of the landing page of DataStock, which is an eBay dataset provider

DataStock is a store where you can acquire datasets that are structured data sets collected across various domains.

Top Features:

  • Covered industries are e-commerce, travel, job, healthcare, restaurant, and classified.
  • Instantly download clean and ready-to-use web datasets for analysis, insights, and machine learning algorithms.
  • You can access massive data to perform timeline analysis and spot trends.
  • It works by instantly selecting data sets, viewing sample data, and purchasing and downloading the data.
  • It can be ideal for machine learning training, natural language processing, sentiment analyses, and trend spotting. You can use the available datasets according to your use cases.


By understanding the significance of eBay datasets and choosing trustworthy providers, you’re well-equipped to use their power effectively.

eBay datasets offer a wealth of insights for market research, pricing optimization, recommender systems, and so on. Selecting reliable dataset providers ensures access to accurate and up-to-date data, setting the foundation for successful projects.

We have listed 11 eBay dataset providers, and Bright Data can be a proper choice if you are looking for a user-friendly provider with rich features.

Bright Data also has solutions like Web Scraper IDE, Scraping Browser, SERP API, and Web Unlocker, so if you are looking for an all-in-one tool, it can be a suitable choice.

Explore the listed eBay dataset providers mentioned in this guide, assess your requirements, compare offerings, and choose the provider that aligns with your goals. That way, you can use these providers to unlock the potential of eBay datasets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are eBay Datasets, and Why are They Important?

eBay datasets are collections of structured and unstructured data derived from eBay’s online marketplace.

They encompass transactional and product information, providing insights into buyer-seller interactions, pricing trends, and more. eBay datasets are important as they hold immense potential for market research, pricing optimization, recommender systems, and fraud detection.

What are The Benefits of Using Reliable eBay Dataset Providers?

Reliable eBay dataset providers offer numerous benefits. They provide access to accurate and up-to-date data, ensuring the reliability of your analysis and research. They may also offer additional features, enriched metadata, and excellent customer support, enhancing your experience and maximizing the value you gain from the datasets.

Can I Request Specific Subsets of Data from eBay Dataset Providers?

Some eBay dataset providers may offer customization options or the ability to request specific subsets of data based on your research needs. Reach out to the providers and inquire about their capabilities in accommodating specific data requests.

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