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Umbraco is an open-source content management system designed for developers, marketers, and agencies.

It is a platform that makes creating and managing a website and publishing content on the web and intranets easier.

Would you like to encourage conversion and increase visitor engagement of your website?

If you do, then try Popupsmart’s powerful popup designs and advanced targeting features to catch your visitors’ attention and keep them interacted with your website.

Why You Should Use Popupsmart for Umbraco CMS?

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Fully compatible popup builder for Umbraco

Popupsmart seamlessly integrates with your Umbraco website. Your website will run smoothly while displaying amazing popups without experiencing any discrepancies. How? Because Popupsmart and Umbraco operate together with complete compliance.

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No Plugins or Extension Required

How many popup plugins or extensions are there in the market? There is a lot of them.

You cannot be entirely sure about their reliability, maintenance, and security.

No more torturing your website with plugins and extensions because you can start using Popupsmart without having to install them.

What is between you and your charming popups? A sign-up form.

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No Coding Knowledge Needed

Coding is just not for everyone. You do not need any coding or designing knowledge to add smart popups to your website with Popupsmart’s user-friendly popup editor.

All you need to do is to add one-line JavaScript code to your website’s header sections and your popup will be ready to attract more customers.

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Conversion-Ready Popup Templates & Advanced Targeting Options

Your website deserves the best popup designs.

Popupsmart has 45 conversion-ready and fully customizable popup templates to assure you display stunning popups on your website.

Plus, you can use our advanced targeting options at no cost.

What else is there? Popupsmart has more conversion-focused features that target the right segment such as scroll targeting options, geo-locational segmentation, and exit-intent technology.

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Integrate with Email Marketing Service Providers

We do not leave out any detail. You can easily integrate your Popupsmart account with your favorite email marketing providers for a more effective conversion campaign.

Some of the email marketing service providers Popupsmart works with are;

• MailChimp
• MailerLite
• Sendgrid
• Sendinblue
• Ontraport
• Email Octopus
• Sendbox
• Sendy
• Mad Mimi
• Revue

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High Website Speed

Whereas most of the popup providers in the market slow down your website, Popupsmart operates at high speed. How do we do that?

Popupsmart works with a one-line JavaScript code which is only 97 KB in total.

You can enjoy reaching your business goals while your website loads at a high speed.

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5-Minute Support

We will be ready to assist you via live chat on our website.

A contact request is usually processed within 5 minutes during our working hours.

If you need our assistance out of the working hours, our average response time is 2 hours at most.

You may contact us via our email [email protected].

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Right Campaign Goals for Your Business Needs

Popupsmart gets you focused on specific campaign goals to give you a more targeted popup experience.

You can select a business objective to reach a variety of conversion-boosting popup templates.

Grow your email list

Does your email list seem stuck? With this campaign goal, you can start converting your passive visitors into email leads via charming popups.

Design your attention-grabbing popup with Popupsmart’s easy-to-use popup editor and target the right audience with our advanced segmentation system. As a result, bring more leads and attract more customers.

You can easily increase conversion with the help of Popupsmart features such as exit-intent triggers, geo-located targeting, scroll triggers, in-activity sensor, traffic source targeting, device-based targeting, and so on.

Promote Your Products

Do not let your products go unseen on your website.

You can target the right segment with Popupsmart’s advanced targeting system and offer something irresistible to your customers that they cannot refuse with smart popups.

Drive more sales by featuring your popular products, minimize cart abandonment rate, offer coupons or giveaways to the right audience at the right time.

Increase Phone Calls

Bring on a higher phone call rate. You can easily increase your phone call traffic with conversion-driven popups.

Plus, your traditional-minded customers will not be left out if you enable instant call or offer a ‘call me back’ with attention-grabbing popups.

Popupsmart’s popups are fully mobile compliant so that your customers can easily interact with your website.

Show-up Notifications

Show-up notifications are one of the most effective marketing tools.

Create your show-up notification popups with Popupsmart and do not miss out on the chance to divert the attention of your visitors to what you need.

With our advanced targeting options, you can effortlessly communicate with your website visitors.

Moreover, you can choose to notify them about a newly launched product, offer discounts, or giveaways, promote engaging content, collect signups, and so on with show-up notifications.

Collect Form Submission

You can grab your website visitors’ attention with a popup and get them to submit a form that you need.

In this way, you will be able to collect form submissions, customers’ personal information, and segment them according to their engagement activities.

You can use the collected data to turn your leads into customers and get higher sales conversion.

• Comply Cookie Laws

Cookie consent popups are crucial when it comes to eliminating risks of privacy violations.

Create a law-compliant popup with Popupsmart in 5 minutes, ask for your customers’ permission, and get rid of heavy fines due to privacy violation up to €20 M.

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GDPR Compliant & SEO Friendly Popup Templates

If the popups on your website seem as intrusive interstitials to Google, they will intervene in your website’s ranking high on Google’s results page.

Luckily, Popupsmart’s popup designs do not affect the SEO performance of your website.

What else you can do to comply with GDPR, CCPA rules, and e-Privacy regulations is to add a cookie consent popup on your website in 5 minutes with Popupsmart.

Thus, you will be eliminating the risk of penalties from privacy regulation authorities.

Popupsmart does not store, share, or sell your personal data.

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99.9% Uptime with AWS Server

Popupsmart uses a reliable operating system, AWS (Amazon Web Service), to provide you with the best user experience.

With 99.9% uptime, we do not experience any crashed server problems or errors.

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Free Popup Builder up to 5.000 Page Views

Are you still unsure? No strings attached. You can test Popupsmart’s popup service with a free trial today until your website reaches 5.000 Page Views.

We have suitable price plans to offer based on your business needs once you fill up your trial quota.

Save 2 months of a popup service fee by selecting an annual plan!

How to Add a Popup to
Umbraco CMS

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Embed Code
  • 1
    Sign up on Popupsmart.
  • 2
    Select your business objective in designing the popup.
  • 3
    Customize the popup according to digital marketing goals.
  • 4
    Add the Popupsmart's embed code into a tag on Google Tag Manager
  • 5
    Publish the tag on your Google Tag Manager. Its done!