What is ALT Tag?

An alt tag is an HTML attribute applied to image tags in order to procure an alternative text for search engines. It is also knowns as "ALT Attribute" and "ALT Description".

Applying images to alt tags has a positive impact on search engine rankings.

An ALT Tag's Purpose

Search engine robots cannot interpret images, therefore, ALT tags provide opportunity for readibility.

Alt tags are also beneficial for visitors on browsers that can't process images or on a screen readers' webpage.

Where is ALT Tag?

Alt text is included in the image tag: doritos image alt text

Cautions for Using ALT Tags

  • Product images have to be optimized for site speed and have the same keyword as the product page.

  • The text should be kept short and include the topic to maximize its impact.

  • Avoid keyword stuffing, because popular search engines do not like such odnesses.

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