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AngularJS Supported Popup Builder for Free

AngularJS is an open-source front-end web framework which is developed by Google. Written in JavaScript, the framework is used when developing single-page applications.

You can boost your marketing campaigns by adding conversion-driven popups on your website created with AngularJS.

With Popupsmart’s easy-to-use popup editor and advanced targeting options, creating popups is simpler and more effective.

Why You Should Use Popupsmart?

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Fully Compliant with AngularJS

Popupsmart is 100% compatible with AngularJS. You can seamlessly integrate your website with Popupsmart. Then, begin displaying your popups without encountering any broken code or design problem.

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No Plugins or Extension Required

Are you concerned about the maintenance and security of popup plugins and extensions?

Popupsmart does not require you to install any plugins or extensions.

Put your secure and well-maintained popups on your website right away.

Sign up for Popupsmart to begin a better and smarter popup builder experience.

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No Coding Knowledge Needed

You do not need to know coding or designing to add smart popups to your website.

With a simple step of adding one-line JavaScript code to your website’s header sections, your popups will be ready to attract your customers.

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Conversion-Ready Popup Templates & Advanced Targeting Options

You have a wide range of options with Popupsmart.

Choose templates according to your business needs out of 45 conversion-ready and fully customizable popup templates.

Furthermore, Popupsmart offers advanced targeting options at no cost.

Start boosting your conversion rate with our smart features that target the right segment such as scroll targeting options, geo-locational segmentation, and exit-intent technology.

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Integrate with Email Marketing Service Providers

You can connect your Popupsmart account to the most preferred email marketing service providers.

Some of the email marketing service providers Popupsmart works with are;

• MailChimp
• MailerLite
• Sendgrid
• Sendinblue
• Ontraport
• Email Octopus
• Sendbox
• Sendy
• Mad Mimi
• Revue

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High Website Speed

Most of the popup providers in the market slow down your website, Popupsmart does not.

We provide beautifully designed popups at a high speed. How do we do that?

Popupsmart works with a one-line JavaScript code which is only 97 KB in total to make sure your website keeps up to its best performance with stunning popups.

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5-Minute Support

You can request assistance via live chat on our website and we will answer your contact request in 5 minutes.

Out of the working hours, our average response time is 2 hours at most.

You may also choose to contact us via our email .

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Right Campaign Goals for Your Business-Specific Needs

Popupsmart has the right campaign goals for your business to ensure you access stunning popup templates designed to fulfill these goals.

Grow your email list

Are you looking for a simpler way to grow your email list?

You can build amazing popups that will grab your customers’ attention and turn your passive visitors into email leads.

With Popupsmart’s advanced segmentation system, target the right segment of your website visitors, and increase conversion.

Pile up your leads with Popupsmart’s conversion-driven features such as exit-intent triggers, geo-located targeting, scroll triggers, in-activity sensor, traffic source targeting, device-based targeting, and so on.

Promote Your Products

Which visitors are interested in that specific product of yours? Target the right segment of your visitors with Popupsmart’s targeting options to convert them into customers.

You can display your featured products, and offer something tempting to your customers like coupons, or giveaways via stunning popup designs.

Add clear call-to-action to your popups to get your customers to take the desired action and drive more sales.

Increase Phone Calls

Be ready on the other end of the phone line. Start increasing your call traffic by enabling instant calls or offer a ‘call me back’ with a simple popup.

With Popupsmart’s easy-to-use popup editor, design your mobile compliant call popups and allow your customers easily reach you.

Besides, in this way, you will be converting your traditional-minded customers.

Show-up Notifications

Communicate with your customers through show-up notifications. Why? Because they are easily seen, and they can get your customers to take the desired action with just a click.

You can boost engagement with Popupsmart’s targeted popups.

Moreover, you can inform your visitors, announce a newly launched product, offer discounts, or giveaways, promote engaging content, collect signups, and so on in a simple way.

Collect Form Submission

Do you need a trigger to convince your customers to fill forms or signups?

You can easily collect your customers’ personal information to segment them based on their engagement activities with attention-grabbing popups on your website.

The collected data will help you segment your customers and present them with relevant content.

• Comply Cookie Laws

Prevent the risks of heavy fines up to €20 M due to privacy violations by including a cookie consent popup on your website.

Build your law-compliant popups with Popupsmart in 5 minutes and ask your customers’ permission to gain their trust while eliminating penalty risks.

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GDPR Compliant & SEO Friendly Popup Templates

If the popups on your website are considered intrusive interstitials by Google, they will lower your website’s SEO performance.

Luckily, Popupsmart’s popup templates are SEO-friendly.

Besides, you can make your website comply with GDPR, CCPA rules, and e-Privacy regulations by adding a cookie consent popup.

Moreover, Popupsmart does not store, share, or sell your personal data.

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99.9% Uptime with AWS Server

Popupsmart uses AWS (Amazon Web Service) which eliminates the chances of crashed server problems or errors.

With 99.9% uptime, we do not experience any discrepancies related to the server.

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Free Popup Builder up to 5.000 Page Views

Be sure as you can be. Try Popupsmart for free until your website reaches 5.000 Page Views.

Once you fill your free trial quota, you can select a price plan to keep increasing your conversion rate.

Moreover, you can save 2 months of a popup service fee by selecting an annual plan!

How to Add a Popup to

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Embed Code
  • 1
    Sign up on Popupsmart.
  • 2
    Select your business objective in designing the popup.
  • 3
    Customize the popup according to digital marketing goals.
  • 4
    Add the Popupsmart's embed code into a tag on Google Tag Manager
  • 5
    Publish the tag on your Google Tag Manager. Its done!