# How to Customize My Popup

Would you like to create completely customizable popups? One of the most essential features that make our product stand out is Popupsmart's perfect popup designs.

You can find the best popup template for you and simply start customizing it as you like following this guide.

# Step 1: Choose a template that suits your business objective

popup templates

# Step 2: Determine the screen position and type of your popup

light popup

Choose a popup type and on-screen position that you want your popup to appear.

# Step 3: Write an attractive, eye-catching headline

popup headline

You can adjust the font, color, size, font-weight, and alignment of your popup headline.

# Step 4: Write a description that encourages customers to take the desired action

popup description

Write a description that triggers clicks. Then, select a font, a color, font-weight, alignment, and size for your popup description.

# Step 5: Add a brand-relative image to your popup design

edit popup image

Determine the size, horizontal and vertical alignment of the popup image. Select the repeat mode if you wish your popup to appear more than once.

# Step 6: Enable your visitors to see your company's privacy policy

popup privacy policy

Turn on the "Show privacy policy" toggle and checkbox to include a field about your company's privacy policy. You can write your own privacy policy text.

Being transparent about your company's privacy policy helps to build a trust relationship between you and your customers.

# Step 7: Add new input fields to your popup

how to add new field on popup

You can add new inputs fields to your popups such as phone, email, text, long text, checkbox, and dropbox inputs.

# Step 8: Create a compelling call-to-action

change popup button

Writing a compelling call-to-action is essential in increasing conversions. You can change the button name, determine font and font-weight for your CTA content, align the text as you wish, and indicate a size.

# Step 9: Check how your popup design will look on mobile devices

mobile popup customization

Do not forget to check how your design will look on mobile devices by clicking the mobile device icon on the right, in the middle of the popup builder screen.

To ensure you create perfectly optimized popup designs, some of the design features may not be included in some themes, or we may have set limits for them to be added.

For example, there are not extra input fields for some themes. This is because those popup themes would go beyond perfectly optimized features if they supported extra input fields.

Do you have further questions about how to customize your popup? Contact Us!