Create a ‘Frequently Bought Together’ Popup to Skyrocket Sales
Increase AOV with complementary product offer

Create a ‘Frequently Bought Together’ Popup to Skyrocket Sales

# Create a ‘Frequently Bought Together’ Popup to Skyrocket Sales

If you wish to upsell or cross-sell to your customers with a ‘Frequently Bought Together’ offer, you can easily do so with a popup campaign.

While it’s not yet possible to create an automatically populated section that recommends products based on visitor behavior, you can still configure your popups to upsell or cross-sell to your customers.

Let’s see how.

# Step 1: First, sign up and log in to your Popupsmart account. Create a new campaign on your dashboard.

creating a new campaign on popupsmart

# Step 2: Pick a popup template and begin designing its look.

create and customize a popup campaign

Tip: Decide on the product category and the products to be promoted on your popup. For example, if a visitor is browsing a specific product category, you can promote another or a product/product bundle offer. This will ultimately increase your customer’s average order value.

Make sure to show product images clearly and write a catchy headline with a call to action to encourage customers to take action.

Pro tip: Notifying customers about the discount on the product is a game-changer that boosts conversions.

  • Don’t forget to configure your popup buttons. For example, you may take visitors to another product category or a product page by setting an action for the button.

# Step 3: In the “Customize” section, edit the button element and scroll down to “Action.” Then, select “Go to the URL Address.” Enter the URL of the page you’ll redirect the submitters.

adjusting button elements action

# Step 4: Once you have completed customizing your popup, navigate to the “Segment” tab. From the “Audience” part, select URL Browsing.

setting url browsing for frequently bought together popup

  • To adjust URL Browsing, click on the “Add” button, go to and select a condition under “Show When,” such as “Matches” or “Contains.” This will determine whether your popup will appear on the URL you specify.
  • Enter the URL path in the Path field, such as “/blog.”
  • You may also add multiple URLs.
  • Save before closing the modal.

# Step 5: These settings will ensure you show your offer on the specified page, such as a product category or product page.

choosing after x seconds targeting

Simply put, it triggers the popup after the visitor lands on your page for a specific period. We recommend not showing the popups immediately but instead triggering them once the user spends at least 5 seconds on the page to preserve a better user experience.

  • To set up the After X Seconds trigger, go to “User Behavior” and click “After X Seconds.” Then, enter the time in terms of seconds.
  • Save before closing the modal. Save & publish once your popup campaign is ready.

Using a frequently bought-together popup, you can encourage your visitors to purchase and increase your sales!

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