Gather Phone Numbers to Offer Customer Support on WhatsApp
Collect Phone Numbers & Serve Help

Gather Phone Numbers to Offer Customer Support on WhatsApp

# Gather Phone Numbers to Offer Customer Support on WhatsApp

Whether your business is easy to understand or not, your customers may still need help. And the stage is yours when you deliver the support. You may prefer a live chat, chatbot, or WhatsApp.

For raising brand credibility and enhancing customer relationships, support is the key. Therefore, it's best to prefer omnichannel support with a popup while helping customers because that's how you can reach them.

WhatsApp can be the most effective choice if you want to serve help and collect phone numbers. Popupsmart's various popup designs to gather mobile contacts are available. Through the process, we'll help and start together.

# Step 1: Sign in to your Popupsmart account and create a new campaign.

sign in ps

# Step 2: Choose one of the templates and customize it on the Customize and Style steps.

customization for whatsapp support campaign

Our recommendation for you to is to choose a floating bar popup.

Don't forget to add a social media icon to explain the support platform.

Also, add a phone number input to collect phone numbers and reach the customers having trouble.

# Step 3: For the Segment step, you need to change or edit the current segmentation.

changing segment for whatsapp support campaign

# Step 4: Then, we suggest the Browser Language and Geo-Location Targeting serve a more personalized experience.

add segmentation

When you add Browser Language targeting in the Audience section, you need to specify the language on the dropdown.

For the Geo-Location targeting, you need to add it in the Audience section as well. Then, you need to specify the country, region, and city to serve the target.

# Step 5: The next step is the Settings. To direct a message to your customers, you need to integrate into your campaign.

Your message must imply that you will contact the customers having trouble as soon as possible.

And this message will be conveyed to them through WhatsApp.

make integration

It's easy to make the Popupsmart and integration. Then, you need to connect your WhatsApp account to activate the scenario.

And you're ready to publish your campaign on the Publish step!

After creating a support popup which you can choose a floating bar or sidebar popup for, your campaign has nothing but the best.

It is now your turn to deliver support and help your customers to solve their problems.

And, if you have any issues with your campaign, we're with you via live chat, and you can contact us whenever you need.