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Boost Your YouTube Views without Disturbing Your Website Visitors

Did you know that you can boost your YouTube views effortlessly with a YouTube popup?

With the method I'll share with you, visitors can play your video on the sidebar of your website/web page. This way you can boost your views without disturbing your website visitors.

youtube video popup

I will explain to you how you can easily create popups promoting your YouTube videos. Ready?

Popupsmart allows you to create YouTube popups incredibly easily. Let me explain to you how to create them with Popupsmart.

# Step #1 Create a free Popupsmart account and setup for your website.


# Step #2 Create a Popup Campaign

After registration, you will be redirected to the Popupsmart dashboard. First, you need to create a new popup campaign by "Create a New Popup."

Then, you need to choose a business goal. For YouTube popups, select "Promote Your Products" as your goal.

create campaign for youtube

# Step #3 Customize, Target and Publish Popup Campaign

Once you select your business goal, you will be directed to the popup builder.

On the first step of the popup builder, select the YouTube popup template.

choosing video popup

Then, go on to the second step and customize your popup. On this step, add the id of your video. If you want your video to play automatically on your website, turn on "Autoplay." Besides, you can determine whether to show controllers or not.

configure video popup

Next, on step 3, set up the targeting settings of your popup to convert more visitors into viewers. You can schedule your campaign, adjust audience targeting, and targeting based on visitor behaviors.

setup targeting options video

Finally, on step 4, verify your embed code if you haven't done that already. Then, set the status ON, and click on "SAVE & PUBLISH" to publish your video popup.

save and publish video popup pichi

That's it!

If you have any questions you can write to me on chat (15-minute response time) or maybe you can email (12-hour response time).