# URL Browsing Targeting

You can target users visiting a specific webpage of yours with a popup. Or, if you don't want to display a popup on the entire website, just add the URLs of the pages you want to include or exclude.

Important: URL Browsing targeting does not work on React and Rue framework websites. However, you may use Google Tag Manager to have it work. Skip to the last heading on this page to see a step-by-step guide.

Follow the steps below to set up URL Browsing targeting for your Popupsmart campaigns.

Step 1: Select "URL Browsing" after clicking on the "Visitor Behavior" on our popup builder.

URL browing targeting

Step 2: Then, select 'contains/does not contain' under 'show when.’ Enter the path of the URL you want to display your popup on or to hide it. Note that you can add multiple URL conditions by clicking the Add button.

  • I.e., /checkout

URL browsing configuration

Step 3: Save before closing the modal window. Don’t forget to save the changes on your campaign as well from the top right corner.

Mind that you can preview your popup’s display conditions from the left-hand menu’s bottom section, as seen below.

display settings

# URL Browsing Setup for Websites Using Single Page Application like Rue or React (Through GTM)

First of all, for this setup to work, you must have installed Popupsmart on your website using Google Tag Manager. (See the GTM setup documentation.)

Step 1: Go to Google Tag Manager and navigate to Triggers from the left-side menu.

Google Tag Manager Triggers

Step 2: Click on New to create a new trigger and give a memorable name to it, such as “Popupsmart Page History Trigger.”

Popupsmart page history trigger

Step 3: Click Trigger Configuration and select your trigger type as History Change.

history change on GTM

Step 4: Under “This Trigger Fires On,” you need to select All History Changes.

  • Save the trigger once the configuration is complete.

select All History Changes

Step 5: Now, navigate to Tags from the left-hand menu and find your Popupsmart embed code tag.

GTM Tags

  • Then, click on Triggering and select the trigger you’ve just created.

  • Save the changes before closing.

Now your URL Browsing targeting setup on Popupsmart will seamlessly operate. Do you have further questions? Contact us.