# Shopify Targeting

Utilizing Shopify Targeting, you have the seamless ability to convey customized messages to the appropriate users, leveraging their dynamic properties while they browse your website.

By leveraging Shopify Targeting, you can effectively target users for various campaigns, including discount offers, free shipping promotions, lead collection initiatives, and important announcements. You have the flexibility to target users:

  • who has a specific registered address,
  • whose cart total is more than 100USD,
  • who has a specific product in their cart,
  • who has logged in, etc.

With Shopify targeting, you unlock the ability to create hyper-personalized marketing campaigns that significantly enhance the customer experience and drive conversions.

🔔 Important: To use Shopify Targeting, your website should be built with Shopify.

To make the most of Shopify targeting within Popupsmart, follow these steps:

1. On the popup builder screen, navigate to the “Segment” section and click click “Add audience targeting” under "Audience".

click audience button

2. Click on “Add” next to “Shopify Targeting”.

select shopify targeting

3. From Select Property dropdown click the property that you want to use and then select an operator for your property.

🗒 Note: It is important to select the property before choosing the operator, as each property may have different operator options.

select shopify targeting property

4. Add property and value pairs to create highly personalized targetings.

select shopify targeting property

Once you have successfully added Shopify properties to your campaign, you are ready to witness increased conversions and round-the-clock lead collection.

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