# Targeting New or Returning Visitors

Showing the same campaign to a visitor who has already signed up or engaged with it disturbs the user experience. Popupsmart’s New or Returning Visitors targeting helps you better segment your audience and maximize conversions.

By default, all campaigns are set to All Visitors. However, you can choose to display your campaign only to new or returning visitors.

1. Go to the Target section (3rd) step on your popup editor screen.

popupsmart targeting new or returning visitors 1

2. Click on Audience and then select New Visitors or Returning Visitors.

popupsmart targeting new or returning visitors 2

3. Then, select either New or Returning. Finally, click on the Save button before closing the modal window.

popupsmart targeting new or returning visitors 3

Don’t forget to Save your campaign once you complete its settings. Then, if you’re ready to publish it, click the Save & Publish button from the top right corner.

Your campaign doesn’t show up on your website?

  • Check if the campaign status is on.

  • Use the Debug Mode to detect issues and bugs to fix. It’s the bug icon on the right middle corner of your popup editor screen. Note that it only works if you’ve saved and published your campaign.

Still stuck? Contact us via live chat or email us at [email protected].