How to Set Event Integration in Google Analytics?

You need to create an Event Goal in order to follow your targets from Analytics after the integration of Google Analytics and Popupsmart. Have a look at the “How to connect with Google Analytics” guide to establish Google Analytics integration.

In order to create an Event Goal, please follow these steps: Log in to your Google Analytics account integrated with Popupsmart.

Go to the Admin tab which is located on the left side.

Select Account, Property and View in your account, as shown below:

Enter ‘Goals’ below ’View’.

Add a new goal by clicking ‘New Goal’

Select the ‘Custom’ option to launch Goal Setup and continue. Add a name to the field of Goal Description and select Event option as a Type.

Click Continue.

In the 3rd section, you need to set specific settings. We do this to follow conversions in your popup campaigns. Please find the Numeric ID of your Popupsmart account. Click the Save button to finish your custom event integration.

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