How to Connect Your Popupsmart Campaign with a Webhook?

It is easy with Popupsmart’s webhook integration if you want to configure a webhook for your campaign.

Here, you will see how to connect a webhook to your popup campaign easily to receive submitted data of your campaign;

  1. Log in to your Popupsmart account.

how to sign in popupsmart app account to create popup

  1. After creating your campaign, go to Webhook from the Integration tab on the left side of the Builder.

popupsmart popup builder's webhook integration option under dashboard integrations tab

  1. Write a name for this webhook connection. Make sure you note that name so you can remember it later.

  2. Paste the entire URL that the Webhook will send to.

write a name for webhook connection and paste the URL you want Webhook will send to

  1. Click on ‘Save & Close.’

How to save webhook connection with popupsmart popup campaign

That’s it. Now, your webhook connection is ready to be configured.

Have still any questions for webhook connection with your Popupsmart campaign? Contact Us!