# What Is Teaser? How Teaser Works

A teaser is a mini popup that shows up before or after the main popup. It increases the popup visibility up to 65% and works as a minimal version of your campaign.

To add a teaser, go to the "Layout" step on the popup builder. Select one of the predesigned popup templates that suit your campaign goal the best.

Then, scroll down and you will see the questions "Do you want to add teaser?". Click on add now to add a teaser.

how to add teaser 1

You can customize the design of your teaser on the customization step. Click on "Teaser" on the third row of the top left bar. You can set the display settings of your teaser to display it before the main popup is opened or after it is closed.

add teaser popup

Select the on-screen position of your teaser. Edit the appearance of the teaser to personalize it. Once you are done with the design, continue with the "Publish" step.

Turn the status toggle on. Lastly, click on "Save & Publish" to start boosting your conversion rates with your popup.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us!