Smart Popup Builder Overview

We want to guide you in finding the right intention methods on conversion optimization for your business. That is why we have created the Popupsmart Builder, which consists of custom templates, display options, and device preferences.

We aim to help you to create smart popups that fit your business objective’s requirements.

You can review the basic features of the Popupsmart Builder below.

1. Design

popupsmart builder design section elements

On the Design tab, you can easily customize your popup design by choosing one of our custom design solutions for a specific type of target audience. You can create popups that provide high conversion rates for every business goal.

You can create perfect popup designs even if you do not have any prior design experience or knowledge. Popupsmart provides templates that help you increase conversions.

You may change the typography, font size, content, color, and display options of your popup.

There will also be some design limits on popup designs to make sure the popup size does not exceed precise dimensions.

2. Display

popupsmart builder display section elements

You can configure your popup with audience segmentation and timing options in the Display tab.

You may accurately segment audiences from the Target Audience tab to determine and understand where your target audience comes from.

Also, you can customize your targeting options by adding new conditions to these options.

In the Display tab, you will be able to set how often you want to display popups to visitors.

As an example, with Display options, you can target a visitor who is about to close the page 3 minutes after logging on.

3. Integrations

popupsmart builder integrations section elements

You can quickly create application integrations with Popupsmart Builder’s easy to use interface.

In the Popupsmart Builder, the Integration tab enables you to connect applications like Zapier and MailChimp with your Popupsmart account in order to get the highest effectiveness from your popup campaign, without requiring any technical expertise.

4. Analytics

popupsmart builder analytics section elements total impressions popup display interaction conversion rate

You can easily track how many impressions, popup displays, and conversions are obtained from your popup campaign with the Analytics tab in the Popupsmart Builder.

Also, Popupsmart not only provides in-house analytics data but also allows you to track your data by easily and instantly integrating with Google Analytics.

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