# How to Create a Full Screen, Lightbox, Floating Bar and Sidebar Popup

Popupsmart offers various popup types to ensure you convert customers without disturbing their user experience. You can easily create a full screen, lightbox, floating bar, or a sidebar popup on Popupsmart's simple popup builder following this guide.

# Step 1: Create a New Popup

create a popup campaign

You can create a new popup or change the popup type of your existing campaign.

# Step 2: Select Your Popup Type

popup types 1

The first step on Popupsmart's user-friendly popup builder is "Layout". In this section, once you select a popup template, you will see the popup types.

Select a popup type and adjust its on-screen position according to where you want your popup to show up on your webpage. The smart popup builder will instantly show how each popup type looks.

# Step 3: Customize Your Popup

customize popup 1

After choosing your popup type, personalize your popup as you like.

# Step 4: Configure Display Settings

popup display settings 1

Once you are satisfied with your popup design, configure the display settings; targeting options, view frequency, visitor device, and schedule for better segmentation and higher conversions.

If you do not want to configure these settings manually, you can also turn on the smart mode to target your audience with artificial intelligence.

# Step 5: Save and Publish Your Popup

publish popup

When the "Target" step is all set, continue with the "Publish" step. If you have not embedded the code yet, copy and paste the code to your website's source code.

Integrate your Popupsmart account with applications. Turn the status toggle on and save and publish your popup. Congratulations, now you can drive more conversions!

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