Popup Builder Overiew

Review the basic features of Popupsmart Builder below.

We want to guide you finding right intention methods on your happiness path in your business. That is why we created Popupsmart Builder which consists of custom templates, display options, and device recommendations. We aim to help you create smart popups that reach your business plan’s requirements.

1) Design Preference

There are two options on the left; Manual Design Mode and Smart Design Mode.

Manuel Design Mode: You can create your popup by choosing one of our custom design solutions for your specific target. We change the design options considering the target you choose to give you an appropriate service. We decide which design will be more suitable for your business thanks to our experience in this field. So, with Popupsmart Builder, you can create popups that can provide high conversion rates for every each business goal.

Smart Design Mode: You can create accurate designs for your website without a need for designing background. Popupsmart describes the characteristics of your website and provides templates that help you increase conversions.

2) Display

With ‘Whom to show’ and ‘When to show’ section on the Display Options tap of popup settings, you can configure your popup with audience and timing options.

As an example, you can target a visitor who is about to close the page 3 minutes after logged in. You can specifically target audiences with Target Audience options to determine to understand where your target audiences came from. Also, you can customize your targeting options by adding new conditions to these options. On the Display Options tab, you can set how often you want to display popups to visitors.

3) Integrations

Make your application integrations quickly with Popupsmart Builder’s easy to use interface. You don’t have to be an expert to integrate applications such as Zapier, MailChimp and Google Analytics.

4) Analytics

You can easily see how many visitors and conversions get with the Analytics provided by Popupsmart Panel. Also, Popupsmart not only provides in-house analytics data but also allows you to instantly track your data by easily integrating with Google Analytics.

5) Settings

On the Settings tab, you can make other campaign settings, such as Campaign Title, Campaign Website, Cross Subdomain Settings, Campaign Container, and Platforms. You can add new websites from the Campaign Web Site. You can add different domain variations from your site in Cross Subdomain Settings.

Have any questions about using Popupsmart? Check out our Documentations or Create a Ticket!