# How to Set up Self Email Notifications

Receive an email notification each time someone submits to your popup form.

Popupsmart provides two types of email notification systems: Self Email Notifications go to any email address you add, and Autoresponder Email Notifications go to the people who submitted information to your popup forms.

Follow the steps below to set up self notifications for a popup:

1. Open the popup you wish to set up from your Popupsmart Dashboard.

If you have no popup created yet, just click on “Create a New Popup,” and you’ll be redirected to the builder.

edit the campaign

2. Click on the 4th step in the builder, called “Publish,” from the left sidebar.

publish section

3. Select Self Email Notifications and click “Add a new email.”

click new email

4. Enter the email address you want to receive notifications on and “Save.”

add a new email

5. You will receive a verification email. Click “Verify Email.”

verify your email address

6. Congrats! You have successfully set up self notifications.

email notification