# How to Set Up Autoresponder Email Notifications

If you want to send an instant, pre-written email to every visitor who successfully fills in the data input on your popup and subscribes to your mailing list, then what you need is to set up an autoresponder email.

Here’s how:

  1. Create a new popup or select an existing popup campaign to add an autoresponder email.

create a new popup

  1. Go to the 4th step in the popup editor and click Respondent Email Notifications.

respondent email notifications

  1. Set the status on and enter the Sender Name. The sender’s name can be your name or company name.

set the status on

  • Add your company’s email address (it can be a no-reply address too) into the “Reply-To” field.

  • Enter the Subject. This will be your autoresponder email’s subject line.

  1. The bottom box is the main body of the email template. You can edit, format, and style it as you like.

email template

Adding Tags

The Tags dropdown menu consists of the system field tags and the unsubscribe tag. Click Tags on the Responden Email Notifications Settings modal as displayed in the image below.


Note that Popupsmart pulls the data for the tags from popup system fields. For example, the email address tag () dynamically changes into the entered email on the popup when sent. Tags do not replace dynamically on the builder.

# Tags & Additional Information

Tags allow you to add dynamic texts into your email content such as username, email, password, as well as an unsubscribe URL that lets users unsubscribe from your mailing list.

You can:

  • Address recipients by their names. Click on Tags from the top right corner of the email body template field and select Username.

  • Or, if you don’t have usernames, select Email tag instead to address by their email name. Both dynamically change based on the subscriber.

  • Add HTML field from ``< >``source code as seen below.

add html field

source code

  • Include an unsubscription link in your email. Popupsmart automatically generates the link, so you just need to click on Tags and select UnsubscribeUrl to add it wherever you want it to be in the email body.

Note: Tags are formed with the lead data collected with the popup.

# Adding Images with HTML

If you’d like to customize your autoresponder emails’ look, you can do so by creating templates on third-party platforms like DesignModo or Stripo.

After building your email template, you’ll need to copy the formed HTML template draft and paste it in the source code of the Respondent Email Notification settings on the popup builder screen.

Important: Mind that in order to add your own unsubscribe link, you need to replace the one in the HTML template with yours.

For detailed instruction, follow the suggested steps below.

# Step 1. Build your email template on an email template builder platform like DesignModo or Stripo.

  • For this tutorial’s sake, we will be using DesignModo.

email template designmodo

# Step 2. Download it as a ZIP folder and check to Host Images Online.

download zip

# Step 3. Open the index.html file with a text editor for code such as Sublime Text.

  • Search for “unsubscribe” inside the text and change the unsubscribe link with which is the correct unsubscribe tag format for your Popupsmart respondent email notification.
  • The modal won’t operate correctly if you fail to carry out this process successfully.

unsubscribe link

# Step 4. Copy the whole HTML code and go back to the Respondent Email Notification settings modal.

  • Click on the code icon to open the source code of the autoresponder email.
  • Delete the dummy template from the source code and paste yours.
  • Click Save before closing the source code window.
  • Then, click Save on the modal to save the changes.

save respondent email

Lastly, don’t forget to save any changes you have made for your campaign.