# How to See Your Campaign Metrics

During your Popupsmart journey, you will come across terms like page views, impressions, and popup views. Follow this guide to learn how to keep track of your popup campaign metrics.

First off, there are three ways to see the analytics of each campaign on your Popupsmart dashboard.

Method 1: The first one is right on your dashboard screen. You can see the Status, Views, Interaction, and Conversion Rate on each campaign’s own info card as in the following image.


You may also arrange the dashboard overview based on these metrics by clicking on a metric from the bar above campaign cards. The arrow’s point next to a metric determines whether to list campaigns from the highest value of this metric or the lowest.


To see all campaigns that are “active” or “passive” or all, click on the Status dropdown menu. Likewise, click on the Domain dropdown menu to list all campaigns for a single selected domain or all.


Method 2: Just click on the analytics icon on your campaign as shown below and it will open the selected campaign analytics window.


Method 3: The second way is to go to the editor screen of the campaign you want to see and then click the analytics icon from the top bar, as seen below.


Your campaign analytics consists of a graph that shows Total Impression, Popup Views, Interaction, and Conversion Rate.

Important: Campaign Analytics reflects the results of the selected date range. To select a date range, click on the “Please select a date” field and select the start and end dates.


Total Impression: Total impression is the amount the code runs regardless of whether the campaign is shown or not. Impressions only calculate active campaigns.

Popup Views: Popup view refers to the number of times a popup is displayed.

Pageview: Pageview is the amount of the total page view requests from your added websites. The most significant difference between Pageview and Impression is that Pageview calculates all domains and all monthly requests while Impression computes only the active campaign-specific requests.

How to view your remaining Pageview number:

Your pageview quota is defined to your account and set based on your subscription plan. You can see the remaining pageview numbers for your account on your dashboard. Hover over your Account and move your mouse towards the “?” sign next to the progress bar, as shown below.


Interaction: Interaction refers to the number of total popup interactions taken by the user, such as the action of clicking a button or submitting a form on a popup.

Conversion Rate: A [campaign’s conversion rate](https://popupsmart.com/help/analytics/conversion-rate-calculation/ is the percentage of the total number of people who completed the desired action through your popup, such as filling out the form or subscribing to your mailing list.

Campaign Status:Each of your campaigns has a status. When the status toggle is off, the campaign doesn’t appear on your website. Therefore, you need to turn the status toggle on to set it live.