# How to Prefill Form Fields

Popup forms often contain generic input fields that many users will fill the same way, such as email addresses and names. Making respondents fill in these fields manually can be repetitive and time-consuming.

Instead, you can use Popupsmart’s Prefill feature to pre-populate form fields for your customers and prospects.

Additionally, prefill forms fields can be used as hidden inputs, which remain hidden from users. Even though these fields are hidden, you will still collect user data and see it on your Popupsmart Leads table once the user clicks on the popup button.

How Prefill Feature Works

Popupsmart uses smart tags to collect dynamic user information (i.e., usernames, email addresses, location, etc.) You can add smart tags (specifically formatted placeholder texts) in your popup’s form field names to prefill them with user data.

Smart tags can also pull users’ information from special URL parameters if there are any. A URL parameter fills in the data when it includes the information you want to be prefilled in the form.

For example,”examplewebsite.com/?name=erica”

You may copy our predefined smart tags or use Google Tag Manager to create a tag. (Learn more on the Smart Tags documentation.)

Note: Smart tags are case-sensitive; use them as in the case they should be. Otherwise, they won’t operate. Use Prefill Form Fields

# 1. Create a Popup Campaign / Open an Existing One

create a new popup for prefill

# 2. Go to Customize & Edit Form Fields

go customize form fields

# 3. Add a Smart Tag to a Popup Form Field

Copy a predefined smart tag and paste it into an Input Name field. For example; paste into the selected input’s name field. This will prefill that input. You can use different smart tags for different fields as you need.

input name area

# 4. Add a Smart Tag to a Hidden Form Field

Collect user data without showing users the input field. Click on “Add a new form field” and select “Hidden Input.” Add a smart tag into the Input Name.

select hidden input

# 5. See The Pulled Data on Your Leads Table

You can access the collected user data (both from hidden and visible form fields that are prefilled) through your Leads table.

go lead table