How to Embed Popups on Your Website?

After you build your popup and integrate the popup campaign with different digital marketing service providers, it is time to publish your campaign!

There will only be one constant popup code to embed your popup into your website. You can easily set the process up in 30 seconds.

Once you have completed it, you will not need to add a separate code for each popup in case you have built more than one popup.

Here, you can see how you can complete the process of publishing.

  1. Copy the embed code provided on the Publish tab on the Builder’s left side navigation bar.

popupsmart publish section popup embed code copy process for any website

  1. Go to your website’s source code and place the given code after opening the body tag.

embed popup code from popupsmart to your website between inside body tags

Now, you have your very first popup on your website, which will help you convert visitors into leads and leads into customers!

Have any other questions about embedding popup codes to your website? Contact Us!