How to Create a Popup in 3 Minutes?

Popupsmart makes it simple to create a popup with its easy to use application interface.

The first step in Popupsmart is to select a goal. The intelligent builder offers you the most appropriate solution to make you reach your goal.

Depending on the goal you choose, device options, popup types, and template options change.

Here is some necessary information on how to get started with Popupsmart.

Step 1: Select Your Business Objective

select your business objective that you want to create your popup campaign for: grow your email list, show up notifications, get cookie consent, increase phone calls, promote your products, collect form submissions. popupsmart popup builder

The first step is choosing the appropriate business goal for your popup campaign. According to the selected business objective, design options will change to create an optimized popup design.

Step 2: Design Your Popup

popupsmart builder design section elements

After choosing a business objective, you can start designing your popup.

Popup template variants are available to suit your chosen campaign. Continue to build your campaign by selecting the template you want.

You may edit the properties of your popup design, such as form fields, font options, adding buttons, display effects, and display sounds.

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Step 3: Configure Display Options

popupsmart builder display section elements

You may determine when you want to show popups to visitors and to which audience group you want to show your popup campaigns in the Display tab.

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Step 4: Integrate Your Popupsmart Account

popupsmart builder integrations section elements

You can easily integrate with applications such as MailChimp and Zapier. Also, it is possible to connect your Popupsmart account with a webhook.

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Step 5: Set Up Your Analytics

popupsmart builder analytics section elements total impressions popup display interaction conversion rate

In the Analytics section, you can see the number of popup impressions, popup displays, actual conversions, and your campaign’s conversion rates.

You can also track your campaign data by easily integrating Popupsmart with Google Analytics to perform detailed data analysis.

Step 6: Embed the Popup Code to Your Website

When you have finished designing your popup, you need to click ‘Save and Publish’ on the top left corner on your Builder.

In the ‘Publish’ section turn on Status toggle.

Through the ‘Platform’ section, choose your website type and copy the code to your clipboard.

popupsmart publish section choose your website type and copy popup embed code representation

Then, go to your website source code and paste the code between body tags.

popupsmart publish section popup embed code copy process for any website

After publishing your campaign, you are now ready to enjoy conversions coming your way.

embed popup code from popupsmart to your website between inside body tags

Wondering how to measure your popup campaign’s return on investment? Luckily, we have a free tool for popup ROI calculation!

Have further questions about creating smart popups with Popupsmart? Contact Us!