# How to Add a Coupon Code to Your Popup

Coupon popups are one of the most effective marketing tactics to drive more sales on your online store. These types of campaigns allow marketers;

  • Collect email addresses
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Increase cart value
  • Maximize sales

Popupsmart helps you target your website traffic with the right discount code popups at the right time. You can target specific locations, exit-intent users, shopping cart abandoners, specific pages, show countdown timers, and more.

Here are the three different ways to add a coupon code to your popup with Popupsmart.

# 1. Using the premade coupon popup layout

Step 1: Once you log in to your Popupsmart dashboard, create a new campaign by clicking on the Create a New Popup button.


Step 2: Then, select Promote Your Products as your campaign goal. On the following modal, give your campaign a name and select the domain/domains you want to display your coupon popup.


Step 3:Once the editor screen is open, select the coupon code popup template as shown below. You can edit it as much as you like. This method shows the code directly to users without requiring a second action.


It’s best for seasonal or holiday campaigns like Black Friday or Year-End Deals. Apart from these, you may also add a Privacy checkbox on your popup when collecting emails.

# 2. Showing the coupon code on the success popup

Another method to add a coupon code is to use a success popup, which basically appears once the user successfully submits the form on your main popup. Users will see your coupon code after they submit their email or fill in the fields on your form.

There are two ways to activate a success popup for your campaign.

  1. You can activate it by scrolling down on the Layouts section of your popup editor screen. Next, you’ll see the question, “Do you want to add success popup?” Finally, click the Add Now button.


  1. The other way is to go to the Customize section> click on the Success Popup tab> turn the Status toggle on. This is also where you can customize your success popup.


Either way, go to the Customize section > Success Popup tab to edit your success popup. You may change the headline and description aligning with your coupon code promotion.

Enter your promo code in the description or headline field. Tweak your success popup button if you like.


Note: You can switch to your Main Popup tab or Teaser to customize them. The green spots you see under each tab stand for “activated,” while the red is for “deactivated.”

Additionally,choosing an action for your success popup button is possible.

  • On your Success Popup customization tab, click on Buttons.
  • Click on the dropdown menu under Choose Action. Then, select the action you want for your button, such as Close, Redirect a URL, or Call a Phone Number.

For example, if you want to redirect users who submit their emails on your main popup and see the success popup to a related landing page.

# 3. Emailing it via Respondent Email Notifications

Instead of showing your discount code directly on your main or success popups, you may also choose to use Popupsmart’s Respondent Email Notifications feature to send an automated email containing the promo code to users who submitted the popup form.

Step 1: Once you complete your popup customization and targeting, proceed to the Publish section (4th Step). Click on Respondent Email Notifications to set up your autoresponder email.


Step 2: Once the setup modal opens, turn the status toggle on and fill in the Sender Name, Reply-To, and Subject line fields.

Step 3: Next, enter your email’s body text. Then, you can edit the text, add links, custom code, and dynamic texts to your autoresponder email.

Important: For a better recipient experience, make sure to add an unsubscribe URL tag from the Tags dropdown menu.

Step 4: To configure the source code of your email, click on the <> icon as below.


This will open the Source Code configuration modal. Source code configuration is totally optional and designed for users with programming knowledge who wish to further edit the autoresponder email.


Do you prefer to use your own email marketing service (ESP) instead of our Respondent Email Notification? That’s also an option!

Reminder: Unfortunately, currently we don’t have a feature to deduct the discount amount from the total cart value. Instead, Popupsmart works best to announce your promotion to the right target traffic with perfectly designed popups. Users who receive the promo code via popups can always enter it at checkout manually.