# How to Activate the Countdown Timer

Placing a countdown timer on your campaigns triggers urgency in customers, which eventually leads to a higher conversion rate. Does that sound like something you’d like? Great, because it’s as easy as a breeze to add a countdown timer to your popup with Popupsmart.

Follow the steps below to activate the countdown timer for your campaign.

# Step 1: Once you pick a layout, navigate to the Customize tab.

pick layout

Important: Some templates do not have a countdown option. It’s only available with optimal layouts.

# Step 2: Click on Countdown from the left-hand menu.

Once you click on the Countdown from the left-hand menu, scroll down to toggle in its section. Switch it on to activate the timer, and you’ll see it on your popup right away.

hide switch

  • Next, select the Countdown Type either as dynamic or static. If you choose static, you’ll need to pick a timezone and set an end time. Then, under Show, check the time elements you want to show, such as Hours and Days.

countdown edit

  • If you select dynamic, the timer will count down dynamically. Set up the Hour, Minutes, Seconds, and the action that’ll happen once the countdown reaches zero, as well as the Message that’ll appear.
  • You can change your timer’s font, color, size, and alignment.