# How Preview Mode Works

The Preview Mode lets you preview your campaign right on your website without setting it live. So, it won’t be visible on your website, but you’ll be able to see how it looks on your site.

Follow the two simple steps below to use the Preview Mode.

Step 1: Once you log in to your Popupsmart dashboard, click the Edit button of the campaign you wish to preview or create a new campaign and click Save & Publish before previewing. Set the status off so that it doesn’t display on your site.

  • You need to Save & Publish a campaign at least once to preview it. As long as you keep the published campaign’s status off, it won’t appear on your website.
  • Even if a campaign is already published, you may not be able to preview it if you’ve made any changes after. In that case, click Save & Publish it again to preview.


Step 2: Click the eye icon from the right middle side of the editor screen, as shown in the image below.


The Preview button will open a new tab displaying the popup on your website. Note that this is only a preview; if your popup’s status is off, it won’t appear on your live website.

Notice how the URL of the preview tab is different from your domain URL– for example, "yourdomain.com/?popupsmart-preview=27004".

Important: The popup will appear on the preview screen independently from your display settings. To view your campaign’s display settings go to the Target step and see the Current Display Settings section as below:


What to do if your popup doesn’t appear on the preview window:

If the popup doesn’t appear on the Preview Mode, you may check if the campaign is published and the status is off. Then, try the Debug Mode to detect the issue if it still doesn’t appear. For the Debug Mode, click on the bug icon under the Preview button.