# How Debug Mode Works

Suppose you have an issue with your popup, such as if it doesn’t show up on your website, you can identify problems and fix them quickly by yourself. Popupsmart has a Debug Mode, which reports what’s working correctly or incorrectly with your campaign.

Important: For the Debug Mode to work, you need to save and publish your campaign first. It shows the issues with the latest version in preview. Additionally, your website must be verified to use the Debug Mode. Learn more about verifying your website.

# Step 1: After logging into your Popupsmart Dashboard, click the campaign you want to edit. This will open the builder


# Step 2: On the builder screen, you will see a vertical bar made of icons on the right-mid side. The Debug Mode is the bug icon on that bar


Information on all icons:

  • Desktop icon: Green spot for popup activated for desktop devices - Red spot for popup deactivated for desktop.
  • Mobile icon: Green spot for popup activated for mobile devices - Red spot for popup deactivated for mobile.
  • Eye icon: Preview the popup on your website.
  • Bug icon: Use the Debug Mode to detect bugs or why your popup doesn’t display.

The Debug Mode modal will display on the popup preview window on your website. No one else will see it; it’s a preview.


To review your popup’s display settings, go to the Target step and see the Current Display Settings section as shown below:


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