What is Traffic Source Audience Targeting?

Targeting Traffic Sources lets you show your popup campaigns to visitors came from the channels you specified. You can organize special popup campaigns by targeting visitors from Facebook or Adwords.

Follow the following steps to set the targeting traffic sources

Click on the Display tab on the left side of the Builder and select 'traffic sources' from the options on the right. Select one of the ‘exact matches’, ‘does not exact matches’, 'does not contain’, 'is empty’, ‘matches the pattern’ attributes to specify your traffic channels and finish setting by entering the value you want to set in the empty field.

Exact matches target visitors coming from URLs that exactly match the value you enter.

The Contains feature targets URLs that contain the value you entered.

With 'is empty', a specific URL doesn't target and is shown directly to incoming visitors.

'Matches the pattern' feature can be used for your specific needs.

You can also target the audience from specific traffic sources like facebook, google adwords.

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