What is Geo-Located Audience Targeting?

The Geo-Located feature provides location-based targeting of your users. By using Geo-Located Audience you can make your popups to show users from certain cities.

You will be able to show discounts or special news items from the places where you specify popups, or you can block popups from appearing by excluding visitors from certain areas.

How to Setup Geo-Located Audience?

open your PopSmart Dashboard and click the Display tab on the left. Activate your Geo-Located feature under Whom to Show Popup heading. Showed as below;

Select one of the 'is' or 'is not' options for Visitor's location. When you select 'is', popups are displayed for visitors coming from the location you entered. The 'is not' option does not show popups for visitors to the location you specify.

Type the region you specified in the space below and click on the 'check' button next to confirm the region and make your selection. You have set your geo-located destination. You can make new additions with 'Add a Condition' to target more than one region. Or you can target the whole country and exclude certain areas by selecting 'is not'.

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