What is Exit-Intent Trigger and How it Works?

Exit-intent triggers the movement of the mouse to the top address bar, it allows the popup to be displayed while the visitor is about to exit.

The exit-intent trigger is the most effective way to convert visitors into subscribers. By detecting the up-coming mouse speed, you can reclaim your visitors by popping it up before they leave the page.

Set Up Your Exit-Intent Trigger With These Steps:

Once you have logged in and created the popup design with the builder, go to the Display tab and click on the On Exit-Intent tab on the right.

Select one of the Sensitivity options. There are three different sensitivity settings. These are Low, Medium and High Sensitivity. The Sensitivity setting works according to the user's mouse's distance from the browser. A certain pixel distance is set for each setting. In High Sensitivity option, the popup appears when the mouse browser is too far away, while in Low Sensitivity option it appears much closer to the mouse browser bar.

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