Popupsmart vs GetSiteControl

Popupsmart and Get Site Control are both powerful conversion optimization SaaS service providers, but one will help you make money faster. Which is the better investment for your business? Decide yourself.

Get Site Control Alternative Popup Provider: Popupsmart

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Popupsmart and Get Site Control are both powerful conversion optimization SaaS services. Unlike Get Site Control, Popupsmart goes a step further to convert your visitors into engaged customers continuously with its advanced features.

Furthermore, Get Site Control has a more complicated user interface while Popupsmart works well for all digital marketers.

Here are some valid grounds explaining why you should switch from Get Site Control to Popupsmart.

Conversion Ready Popup Templates

Digital marketers usually underestimate the power of popups with spectacular designs in their digital campaigns.

Design is fundamental, especially for campaigns that are managed by marketers having no designing experience or skills at all.

Popupsmart offers free, revenue-driven, and conversion-ready popup templates based on your company goals and business needs.

Competitive Prices

Get Site Control offers no free trial whereas Popupsmart provides a lifetime free account option for entrepreneur companies getting page views up to 10,000 per month.

You need to pay an additional fee for your customers’ websites in Get Site Control but where Popupsmart enables you to have popups on unlimited websites even in the Basic plan.

The medium package of Get Site Control is $29 per month for 100,000 page views on one website while Popupsmart offers $29 per month for 100,000 page views on unlimited websites.

See? Get Site Control offers lower benefits at the same price of than a better popup builder: Popupsmart.

Advanced Targeting Options

Get Site Control has perfect targeting options, but it falls short of some advanced features that Popupsmart offers.

Have a look at our advanced targeting features that Get Site Control popups do not have.

Scroll Triggers

Scroll triggers make your popup campaign appear after a visitor scrolls the predetermined amount of a selected webpage. This way, you will be able to engage with users who are willing to browse your website.

In-Activity Censor

You can display the popup campaign when your website visitor becomes inactive for a while. It increases visitor engagement as well as makes your website userfriendly.

Traffic Source Targeting

You will display your popup campaign to visitors who come from a specific traffic source thanks to the feature. It is a powerful way to boost engagement rates and to reach the right prospects.

4 Layout Options in Every Popup Design

A common problem within popup service providers is that they don’t offer four layout options for each popup template. Hence, it is hard to optimize the design with various appearances.

Unlike Get Site Control, Popupsmart offers four layout options for every popup template, which are lightbox, full screen, and sidebar and floating bar.

Increase Engagement with “Teaser”

Unlike Get Site Control, you can ensure that your popup campaigns are user-friendly with Popupsmart’s teaser feature.

Teasers make your digital campaign appear as a small preview first, then display them in the full-size version of your popup when clicked.

Stay Up to Date, Follow New Trends

As a digital marketer, you probably want to follow new digital trends regularly but do not have enough time to do that. Well, we do. Let us provide you with revenue-driven solutions.

You can follow new product developments and bug fixations via our Changelog page. You may also subscribe to our email list to stay up to date with informative blog content about the digital world.

We care about our customers, work hard to help them in the digital world and work smartly to make their job easier.

Let me clear the claim above. Do you know any popup builder that gives away a wheel popup template for free? Now you do!