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What is Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) ?

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is a term used in SaaS to describe the monthly recurring revenue that a customer pays you each month. For example, if someone signs up for your SaaS service and pays $15 per month, you have received an MRR of $15.

The MRR = (average revenue per account)x(the total number of customers for that month)


Although this calculation looks simple, the following are some considerations regarding your MRR calculation:

  • Recurring revenue
  • Upgrades and downgrades
  • Customers churn
  • Discounts

Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is one of the most common metrics used to measure a SaaS company's financial health.

It's a great indicator of the stability of your business, and it helps you forecast future revenue based on recent growth trends.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Importance

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is one of the most important metrics in SaaS.

It's an indicator of the health of your business and can be a good indication of growth potential. MRR is also calculated by taking the annual subscription price and dividing it by 12 to get the monthly rate.

A core measure of a SaaS company's health is Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

It helps to understand revenue stability and predictability.

One of the benefits of MRR is that it provides a more holistic view on the company’s revenue which includes all the up-front payments and subscriptions.

Another benefit is that it can be used to compare different companies with different business models.

Monthly Recurring Revenue is a powerful tool for growth.

It is the total amount of money that your company receives every month from its customers, before sponsorships, one-time sales, donations, government grants, etc. What's more important is that MRR is an indicator of revenue stability.

A business with a high MRR has a stable revenue stream and it will be easier to expand their reach or explore new opportunities in the field.

On the other hand, companies with low MRRs are at risk of closure since they don't have enough money in reserve in case something goes wrong.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Benefits

Monthly recurring revenue is a great way to generate consistent revenue from ongoing subscriptions.

This is a great option for businesses, especially those with low margins.

We all know that startups need to be agile in order to succeed in today's business world.

They need to spend as little as possible on marketing while still gaining traction in their market.

Monthly Recurring Revenue makes this possible by providing an ongoing source of income with little or no additional work required from the entrepreneur after the initial customer acquisition effort has been completed.

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