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What is MoFu (Middle of the Funnel)? Definition & Strategies

Middle of the Funnel (MoFu) is the stage of marketing that visitors want to know their demands will be met. In this stage, your visitors start to consider purchasing the product you present to them. Thus, MoFu content should be educational and targeted to a certain audience.

The Goal of the MoFu Content

Since your visitors have surpassed the initial stage, your aim should direct them to purchase your product. Hence, the content you create has to nurture them. They have to be fed with the knowledge to create purchasing intention.

Also, as a marketer, you would desire to see if the visitors are in line with and interested in what you are offering. After all, you would not break a sweat for a person that would not be interested in your product.

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Types of MoFu Content

As stated above, MoFu content is about educating your visitors on the product you are offering. There are several content types to accomplish this task.


Whitepapers are one of the most used educational materials across the industries. As described in Wikipedia, they are used to elaborate on a subject in great detail. Thanks to them, your visitors will be able to know, maybe, more than they need. It is a great way to engage your visitors on an almost academic level.

Blog Posts

Similar to whitepapers, blog posts are another way of educating your visitors. They are more informal and can have contents such as lists. They also attract more people since they are written for a general audience.


A variety of MoFu contents can be shown to the audience via popups. Newsletters, for example, are a great source of keeping your visitors up to date. You can let them know you have a newsletter via popups.

Sometimes, they need to contact you to ask questions they can not see in the FAQ. Adding a popup to your site to let them ask questions to you will be valuable for your audience. So, it goes without saying you should check popups of Popupsmart if you want them to reach out to you.

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