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Bottom of the Funnel (BoFu) Definition & Importance

Bottom of the funnel, abbreviation BoFu, is the last part of the conversion. It is the part that your visitors take the desired action.

Why is BoFu Important?

Mostly, your site is optimized in a balance between ease of use and SEO requirements. However, this part is actually where you should optimize entirely based on your visitor’s ease of use.

Also, you should aim to convince your visitors to purchase the product or get the service from you – not from other companies.

How to Ensure Your Visitors Take Action

There are some steps that you should take in order not to lower your conversion rates. These can be listed as;

  • Being direct: Be clear about the advantages of purchasing your product or service. At this stage, you must not cloud the issue. You have to be precise.
  • Surpass competition: Sometimes it is better to show off. Your competitors are also providing the same service. Tell them why your product is the best in the industry. You can even give side-to-side comparisons of your product with other products.
  • Bring them around: For a visitor, being persuasive can be the difference between taking the action and not taking the action.
  • An offer they can not reject: Give them your best offer. If that offer is hard to resist your visitors will purchase your product, almost every time.
  • Customer relationship management: Let your visitors know and feel they are important. It is a good practice to make this process feel personal for the visitor.
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  • Demos and Exemplars: These are necessary if purchasing process encapsulates more than one person. By giving them small demos or exemplars that will show the pros of your product, you will let them know your product is better than any other.
  • Gain trust via showing other people: You can link the reviews that will show how other people purchasing your product are quite satisfied with the results. It might seem like a suggestion from a friend.
  • Inform them: A FAQ section or a video to inform your visitor how to use your service is more than beneficial. Talking to them as if they already have purchased the product is important.
  • Specialized messages: Making your visitors feel special, as said above, is of high significance. By sending them special messages that show similar cases to their businesses, you will give the impression that you care about them.
  • Talk about hindrances: Sometimes it is not a bed of roses. They can be nagged. Not addressing them and providing solutions or answering their questions can be detrimental to your conversion rates.

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