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Micro Conversion Definition - What is Micro Conversion?

Micro conversion is the first step of your main conversion goal, often called macro-conversions. Micro conversions may not seem like a win. However, they show you that the user has an interest in your product or service.

Micro Conversion Examples

In order to increase your micro conversions, you need to understand what qualifies as a micro conversion. One of the easier ways of figuring that out chec the following common examples. However, be careful as some examples may not suit your website. Also, your website may have some micro conversions which are not listed below.

Micro Conversions examples image

Why Should You Track Micro Conversions?

You should track your Micro Conversions in order to

  • Understand user attitude,
  • Nurture leads,
  • Choose suitable conversion funnels,
  • Fix mistakes.

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