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What is a Lead Magnet? Definition & Examples

A lead magnet is a product or service that you give away in return for a piece of information such as email addresses or phone numbers. It is important to note that the service or the product you offer should be free – in other words, if they do not provide their email address, they have to pay the price of that product.

Normally a lead magnet consists of four steps. These are;

  • Luring them into the content. With a simple call to action, you can capture their attention to the product.
  • Giving them the information. On a landing page, you can give them the necessary information to exchange their email address in order to get the content.
  • Gratitude. Show them your appreciation by landing them on a page that has a thank you message.
  • Follow up. Kickback emails to thank them and giving them the content they apply for are useful to create a brand and visitor or customer relation that feels more personal.

Types of a Lead Magnet

Generally, we can say that there are two main domains you can branch out of. A lead magnet can be an extra service, i.e. your visitors do not need that content but useful if they get it, or needed service, e.g. results of a personality test.

The common thing between these two is that visitors do not mind giving you their email addresses in exchange for these two types of content.

Lead Magnet Examples

There are different types of Lead Magnets you can use to promote your email list.


Human interaction is sometimes needed in the industry. A blog post, or a guide, can help you to a certain point. Sometimes your visitors want to ask direct questions to you.

Webinars, in this regard, are quite helpful to get bits of advice or tips from an expert. Since they are interactive, they will be able to comment on what you say and to ask what they might find troubling.

Guides or Ebooks

If you have a blog on your site, that blog will fulfill the main purpose of a guide or an ebook. However, changing the format and keeping the most read or most useful articles in a guide, and giving that guide to your visitors in exchange for their email address is always a fairly effortless thing to do.

Also, blog posts can be overlooked, also sometimes they are hard to find. An ebook or a guide is quite easy to download. This way your visitors will be able to know where to look when they need advice. It is a fair trade.

Video Training

Video training is one of the most consumed content types of our age. Your visitors, if they want to develop the way they understand the subject in the hand, will be more than happy to give their email addresses to learn new things. Some people will certainly prefer this rather than an e-book or a guide.


tarte wheel popup discount campaign

If there is a way to purchase a thing at a lower cost, almost all people will seize that opportunity. With reasonable discounts, both for you and for your visitors, you can expand the number of emails in your email list.

Free Assessment

People want to know how their business performs. It is a way to comprehend where they can enhance the performance. A simple assessment in the exchange of their email address will sound reasonable to your visitors. Also, this method guarantees that they will come back to reassess their site’s performance.


really good emails lead magnet example

Of course, these lead magnets have to be visible. Popups, in this regard, come to your aid. Humans are pre-determined to look for the movement. A popup is a golden opportunity to promote the webinars or ebooks – since it “pops up” to grab the attention of your visitors.

With the right popup and the right offer, you can easily create the lead magnet you aim to create. So, it is a good choice to check out which popups Popupsmart offers. They are easy to integrate into your site and you don’t have to know even a bit of coding.

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