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What is a Cinemagraph? - Cinemagraph Definition

Cinemagraphs are moving photographs without any noticeable breaks or edits. They are hybrids of photography and videos. Businesses using cinemagraphs often have longer session times for their websites and apps, higher click rates over banners and displayed-ads, and greater user engagement on social media.

Where to Use a Cinemagraph?

Like images and videos, the creative use of cinemagrahs is entirely up to you and frankly limitless.

What is cinemagraph

Instances of how and where cinemagraphs can be used include:

  • Digital advertisements
  • Websites, landing pages, and blogs
  • Email/newsletters
  • Social media pages
  • Digital displays and billboards
  • Long form videos
  • Museums and galleries

Format for Cinemagraphs

Back to the history of cinemagraphs, they were initially used in the format of GIFs. However, beause of the limitations of the GIF format, the HTML 5 video format is usually used to display cinemagraphics for better quality and smaller folder sizes.

Cinemagraph Related Terms