What is CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Law)?

CASL is anti-spam legislation that will apply to all types of electronic messages businesses send in concert with commercial activity. It is ruled in order to;

  • Prevent misuse of digital technology and electronic treats, and
  • Help organizations stay competitive in the global digital market.

! CASL requires organizations to take permission from recipients before sending commercial electronic messages (CEMs).

CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Law)

How to Take Permission from Recipients?

  • Clearly identify the brand name asking for consent,

  • Provide your email address, phone number or website to be reachable all the time,

  • Create a relationship guaranteeing that their personal information will not be shared with third parties, and
  • Offer a free unsubscribe mechanism for those subscribers.

What happens if we don’t comply with CASL?

  • Organizations that do not meet with the requirements of CASL may be punished by;

  • Penalties up to $10 million

  • Criminal charges

  • Civil charges and/or
  • Personal liability for executives.

How can we prepare for CASL?

  • Identify the channels that you send commercial electronic messages (CEMs),

  • Check if you have obtained the permission of your subscribers for CEM,

  • Draw your path to meet with CASL requirements,

  • Make sure your CEM content is in line with CASL requirements,

  • Control that every single electronic message allows for unsubscribe.

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