What is an Autoresponder? - Autoresponder Definition

An autoresponder is an email service program that automatically answers e-mails sent to it.

There are types of automated emails or series of emails that only need ot be written once and scheduled to be sent automatically;

Types of Autoresponders

For business accounts:

Autoresponder business emails are sent automatically when the system is triggered by a user action.

1. Welcome Emails

When a visitor signs up for a newsletter, purchases a product, or signs up for a discount, the welcome email is sent soon after the action takes place.

2. Email Course

When a visitor joins for an email course, the course emails which are created to teach a topic to subscribers, are sent automatically in predetermined intervals.

3. Upsell and Cross-Sell Emails

When a customer purchases a product, upsell and cross-sell emails are sent to the user automatically. This type of email may contain recommentations based on customers' preferences.

4. Abandoned Cart Emails

When a customer adds an item to a shopping card on the organization's webpage, an abondened cart email is sent in order to remind the customer that their desired products are waiting for them.


For individual accounts;

1. Time-Based Emails

When an email account user sets a time limit to reply to an email message and exceeds this limit, a time-based email is automatically sent.

2. On Leave Emails

When an email account user goes on leave, they create an autoresponder saying that they are on vacation and will be back two weeks later. The on leave email is sent automatically to anyone who emails the user during two weeks.

3. Occasional Emails

When an email account user wants to celebrate one of their senders' special days, they create an automatic occasional email.

How to Create Autoresponder in Gmail?

  1. Open "Settings"

  2. Turn on "Canned Responses"

  3. Create a template to use for auto-response messages.

  4. Select "Show Search Options".

  5. Define the criteria to apply the filter, such as email of sender or any words in subject line.

  6. Select "Create Filter"

  7. Choose and set criteria for skipping, deleting or replying the message.

Free Email Autoresponder Softwares

  1. Hub Spot

  2. Get Response

  3. Aweber

  4. Klaviyo

  5. Mailchimp

  6. ConvertKit

  7. Autopilot

  8. Constant Contact

  9. Omnisend

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