Which Departments Should Be Involved in Creating Content?

"Which departments should be involved in creating content?" is a question asked in HubSpot Inbound Certification Exam. In the picture below, you will find the representation of both the question and the options.

Which departments should be involved in creating a content question, options, and correct answer representation

The correct answer is A; all departments.

So, what does "all departments" refer to? And, how can all departments be involved? In this article, I will explain it in detail to give you a better understanding of the content creating process by contributors.

Responsibilities & Departments vs. Content Creating Process

The content on your website must be valuable, relevant, and consistent to drive the desired amount of conversions.

Therefore, you need to segment your customers based on their interests and behaviors, then relate the content to those segments when they browse on your website.

The most efficient way of producing content is to ask for a contribution from people that have expertise in the subset of the related content subject.

For instance, if you tend to write content about employment opportunities and benefits and you don't have any experience in human resources, you will not be able to produce high-quality content. However, there must be someone who is an expert on the related subject. So, simply, ask your HR manager to engage in this process!

To better illustrate what I'm trying to point out, the following headlines include some of the key benefits that you can utilize from different roles within your organization for content processes.

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Marketing Department

Marketing department people representation three people rejoicing for making sales

Marketing specialists are usually responsible for the execution of overall content strategy. They do not only administer the creation process but also find additional sources to distribute content to and deliver them to the right people at the right time.

Why? Because relevant content is an attractive method to keep visitors and lead them to advanced stages in your sales funnel.

Sales Department

a woman shakes the hand of a man because she made a sale, people are looking at them

High-value content increases your audience engagement and relatively your sales. Sales professionals are usually the ones interacting with your customers, so they get feedback, determine customers' issues, and may suggest new features to solve those problems.

Because the sales department is very aware of customer needs, it should participate in the content creating process.

Engineering Department

Engineering department team looking at a map

Engineering professionals generally are the ones involved with industry topics, new trends, and related solutions. Therefore, they may be able to generate industry-specific ideas, phrases, and words to address customer needs clearly.

Accounting Department

an accountant woman smiling and working on her office

Accountants do not just know customer questions, suggestions, and complaints; they also have insights on how to satisfy them. So, they may contribute with vital information to help you provide exceptional content for a solution!

C-Suite Executives

a man CEO managing the meeting and telling his employees something about the company

C-level managers are perhaps the most valuable resource for the content creation process due to their experience and knowledge level. Executives usually point out prioritized subjects and suggest ideas for your content based on the marketing goals of the company.

Human Resources Department

Two human resource people interviewing with a job candidate girl smiling

People working for the human resources department are quite informed about the potential of employees that can generate relevant content for your subject. Additionally, they have enough experience in talking about the work environment and organizational subjects.

Your Audience

5 teenagers from different races are smiling to the camera

Note that the last step in your content creating process is to make sure that the content addresses the needs, expectations, and wants of your prospects.

You should collect as much feedback as possible from your customers. One of the easiet ways to collect feedback is through survey popups.

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Once you have enough data, then form content strategies accordingly to solve their problems. So, benefit from the value your audience offers you before ending this game.

In this article, I tried to emphasize on putting the full resources of your company to use to create stunning content. Hence, sometimes, experience says much more than written sources.

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