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What Does It Mean to Create an Inbound Email Marketing Strategy?

Email marketing is using email tools to deliver advertising messages to a select group of the target audience. It is vital to create email marketing strategies to reach your business goals successfully.

But, what does it mean to create an inbound email marketing strategy? Create a human, helpful, and customer-driven conversation and experience. So, what does that mean? Let's dive deep into the subject.

How to Improve Your Inbound Email Marketing Strategy?

4 marketers try to find an inbound email marketing strategy that boost their email efforts

We have discussed 4 stages of inbound marketing before. As you can remember, email marketing comes into the picture at the Convert stage.

It means your email campaigns touch your leads to convert them into customers.

Email marketing has a 20% impact on revenue in 2020. So, here are some tips for using your email marketing strategy to drive more revenue.

Know Your Audience

Your target audience is the specific group of people who is more likely to buy your messages.

Define your target market as detailed as possible and appropriately convey your marketing messages regarding their customer characteristics to reach the most efficient outcomes.

Apply A/B Testing

There is no strategy that one-size-fits-all. Therefore, you have to conduct small experiments to discover what works best for your subscribers.

If you haven't done before, create at least two copies of your email messages. Use different colors, different wording, and various images in your email. Then, examine which one has been performing better.

You should choose the better performing email and see what changes the attitude of your subscribers. It is an excellent way to both improve your inbound email marketing strategy and to know your prospects better.

Once you uncover how to create the most efficient email for your business, you can reap the rewards.

Segment Your Email List

The critical element in inbound email marketing is DATA.

Segment your email list subscribers according to their buyer personas. It will help you know who you are speaking to and give you an idea about how to encourage them to act.

You can segment prospects based on their education levels, demographics, buying behaviors, motivations, goals, and desires.

Delight Your Subscribers

Your subscribers will feel nice if you can provide value more than their expectations.

For that reason, think smart. Send out "Thank You" emails, offer a discount coupon to your loyal customers to delight them.

Convince Your Customers To Share

The overall inbound approach should involve a way to induce prospects to forward your email to their friends; hence, you cannot apply your strategies without growing your email list.

There are more methods to grow your email list. Discover those tips with the related article;

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Moreover, an email campaign from a friend affects the potential customers' minds more than yours due to the social proof.

To convince your subscribers to share your email copy, present them something valuable, such as special offers to loyal customers.

How to Create Inbound Email Marketing Campaigns?

two marketers working on their computers and try to find how to create inbound email marketing campaigns

There are two types of email marketing campaigns: outbound emails and inbound emails.

Inbound emails are there where your customers are. It is all about reaching the right customers and creating leads from strangers.

On the other hand, outbound emails are faulty practices that may annoy your prospects and damage the sustainable relationship with your customers.

Therefore, let's focus on what you can do to create inbound email marketing campaigns that convert.

Notice the Details

Most probably, you craft messages for prospects who willingly opted in your subscription list. Don't undermine the work you have exercised while building your email list by sending sloppily written emails that do not reflect the quality of your company and business values.

While writing a killer email is crucial, your grammar, style, and tone also matter to be more involved in an efficient inbound email marketing campaign.

You can use Grammarly or proofread your emails before sending them out to the subscribers.

Write Stunning Email Subject Lines

Write attractive email subject lines because people tend to filter their email messages and only open the most interesting ones - especially the ones using email unrelated to their work.

Pay attention to abandoned cart subject lines as they are your best bet at convincing customers to complete the desired action.

You only have a few seconds to glitter. So, make sure your subject line copy interests readers: use emojis, create a sense of urgency, apply personalization, be careful with letter spacing, and capitalizing.

Moreover, avoid wordy subject lines; hence, it encourages subscribers to ignore your emails and decrease your open rate in the end.

Send Your Messages at The Right Time

Although email marketing is an easy and fast way to communicate, your subscribers don't dedicate their entire day to receive emails.

Therefore, email users tend to check their inbox periodically. But, at what time, on which day?

Best time to send emails is from 10 am to 2 pm.

Companies drive 33.5% higher revenue per email recipient on Thursdays.

Provide Value

Why should people click on your emails if you don't offer something valuable? They don't.

The main aim of email newsletters is to convince subscribers to take the desired action. To achieve the goal, you have to provide irresistible offers such as free content, free e-book access, a discount, coupon code, and so on.

Write a user-focused, new email that also provides value to your prospects to maximize your click-through rate and keep your subscribers engaged.

What is Click Through Rate?

Add CTA Button

The other way of encouraging your subscribers to act is to provide calls-to-action (CTAs) in your emails.

Show them an easy way to purchase items, make reservations, apply to your online courses, and download your e-books.

The color of your CTA button may be similar to your brand colors, or you may choose a color that leads conversions like orange.

The size of your button should be big enough to attract attention and small enough to prevent irritation.

7 Best Practices of Inbound Email Marketing Campaigns

Social media marketing is a great way to fuel your overall inbound marketing strategy. However, Twitter has character limitations, LinkedIn doesn't let interactive elements and Facebook doesn't like the dilemma of post reach.

On the other hand, an email is the easiest way of conveying your message to increase customer engagement with interactivity and personalization techniques.

According to Radicati, the number of email users is forecasted to increase up to 3 billion worldwide by 2020. Moreover, the number of emails sent and received will be 225.3 billion per day. Those numbers are HUGE, aren't they?

Let's look at inbound email marketing campaigns from well-known brands so that you can inspire your own brand.

1. Casper

casper inbound email marketing campaign example

2. Birchbox

birchbox inbound email marketing campaign example

3. Mejuri

Mejuri inbound email marketing campaign example

4. Artifact


5. Yelp

yelp inbound email marketing campaign example

6. Mint

Mint's inbound email marketing campaign example

7. Uber

uber inbound email marketing campaign example

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