13 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2021 From the Pros

Don’t call me crazy, but I will try to predict social media trends that will hold ground in 2019! Why do you think I said that? Because as you know, “prediction” cannot be a dependable term when it comes to social media!

social media predictions

I think I made myself clear about how much trouble I am having using the ‘P’ word (which refers to "prediction" for those of you who aren't paying attention) for social media. Fortunately, given the current situation, we can guess what is waiting for us in the next year. We made a list of social media marketing predictions for 2019 for you! Let’s take a look!

1. Oldies but Goldies: Instagram Stories

It could be possible that Instagram may allow business accounts to select default story templates before launching an ad.

instagram stories

You know that the life-saving medium that brands use for instant interaction is Instagram Stories. When they want to create a still ad or a short video to serve their sales, one day maybe they can create custom (maybe with a required fee) template for their business account.

If you hear my voice, take it as a piece of advice! In this way, users can create short videos from these templates with special effects by selecting photos of the products that the business is selling. If we’re lucky, Instagram might even offer the option for potential buyers to swipe up!

2. Q&A Opportunities on Stories

A future that will keep you trendy with questions relevant to your audience to get the best out of your products or services.

Don’t underestimate the idea of interaction via stories. I don’t want to bother you by saying “stories” all the time but, something is happening here! Can you imagine that you want to sell your product but can't even make a single sale… it's sad but true: you're not asking te right questions! It’s not too late, grab your phone and listen.

Q&A opportunities on stories

Ask your audience what they want to buy? Which color is their favorite? Send presents to those who answer your questions. Let them share the presents that you sent. Share postings of gifts you sent! Believe it or not, this is the new way of communicating. Be brave!

3. Augmented Reality Ads

Stories that integrate with augmented reality ads give opportunities to users to try out products in a 3D environment! Don’t you think that would be trendy for 2019!

In 2019, you should consider the luxury of having a real experience in a virtual environment. If you are trying to sell glasses, develop an application for your brand which has exclusive features. Integrating all your glass models with all color options in the application gives your potential customers the chance to try your glasses in a 3D environment!

augmented reality ads

4. Unskippable Ads: Youtube!

Since the bumper ads are more likely to serve brand awareness, 2019 will fit in 6 seconds! I know, it’s very annoying.

Imagine that you’re watching a hilarious video (which is now a stale form of entertainment). Suddenly a guy shows up on your screen and starts rambling about a 70% discount on shoes with exceptional qualities. But, he's only there for six seconds. What? Leave me alone I want to have fun, stop it!

unskippable ads

Keep this as a secret but, they know you can’t resist shoes. YouTube ads, an advertising model that hasn’t failed for the longest time, also will be a trend in 2019!

5. Influencers are the new black! (an aspect of ROI)


The influencer industry is a smart way to invest because people tend to rely on other people's real-life experiences.

Before people tend to get something through the Internet, they give great importance to comments and suggestions based on the user experience. At this point, multi-tracker influencers can mobilize dozens of people with the promise of “I have tried it and I am satisfied.”

You can spend your time efficiently by trying to make famous bloggers like your products! If so, you will increase your conversion rates with a small investment in both money and time. In 2019 we suggest that you keep the bloggers close!

6. Video Ads

Facebook video ads are cheaper and provide more reach. Considering the fancy video ads that are prepared and sold by brands, we are waiting for a video ads invasion in 2019.

You don’t have to be a social media engineer to think about this theory. You can also predict this if you are exposed to flashy video ads that are candescent when you’re on Instagram. While you are reading this, your competitors pay their creative agencies for a video that they are going to post.

video ads

Wake up, guys! If relevant, catchy, explicit messages are combined with stunning, stylish, bright and original images, you can strike a champagne bottle against the increasing sales charts.

7. Messenger and WhatsApp Ads

People have spent 85 billion hours on WhatsApp. So, Facebook prepared a perfect chat platform for ads! It will tell us that we see more ads in Messanger and WhatsApp in 2019.

I can’t help but think that it is inevitable to see ads on such a communication tool. Maybe when we click on the WhatsApp application, we’ll be able to continue our discussion with our partner after watching an ad for 10 seconds.

It may help us calm down, don’t sulk over so fast! Who knows? But, there is the fact that the art of showing the right advertisement at the right time will directly impact sales and awareness within a force like WhatsApp. In 2019, this is a development we expect.

8. Real-Time Interaction: Live Video

real time interaction

We will frequently monitor how brands use the power of real-time communication through live videos in 2019.

With Instagram Live Video, it gives you the opportunity to real-time experience and instant messaging. This feature pokes people’s sense of satisfaction through quick access to information.

If you are dealing with a new product and want to crown it with a digital launch, be prepared! You will collect and sell to your potential customers directly in the same room. If you consider these opportunities well in 2019, you will set the pace!

9. Rise of Speaking Contents

Communicating through social media is always a trend to promote your brand.

“Hello, sunshine! What would you like to wear on this beautiful day? This pink shirt over there or the blue dress here? We can’t wait to send these beautiful pieces over to you so you can try them on!” Say no more…

You must flirt with your target audience as a charming brand. You should make them love you by doing things that will push them into action. And one day, when you make a mistake, they will defend you with their own free will.

İf you want to establish a bond between the brand and target audience, speak to them more. This means that brands will follow communication trends in 2019.

10. Data Collection Strategies are The New Sexy!

Social media strategies integrated into advanced CRM fairs are an important point that will lead to the success of brands in 2019.

data collection strategies

Don’t you want to meet your target persona? Don’t you want to know his/her weak spots? Don’t you want to play your move accordingly? I can hear you say yes. Just as people are so accustomed to sharing their names and phone numbers in the digital environment, in 2019, we should turn this norm into an opportunity and develop projects that will collect data as much as possible. More data is more advantageous in this wild digital world!

11. IGTV Ads

In 2019, IGTV can be a platform for advertising. This will be a step that will turn the trends of 2019 upside-down.

Although IGTV is not so trendy in 2018, it might change for 2019!

IGTV can become a platform that can house ads in 2019. For this reason, we still have not lost our faith in IGTV. Be vigilant! With the full screen, you can take your customers for a walk to introduce your new shop or store. Everything is an opportunity if you know how to use it!

12. More Campaign More “Call to Action” Button

Can there be different call-to-action buttons for Facebook ads for social media campaigns? Does the “join now” button count?

Continuous campaigns and competitions on brands’ social media accounts will always remain a trend. However, it is obvious that Facebook ads should keep up with these tactics. Therefore, according to trends in 2019, many other options can be added to call to action buttons.

more campaign more button

BONUS: New Trend: Brands are Human!

The most common trend is that brands also have good intentions. They think and act as well as people. We will experience this a lot in 2019.

Now I'll tell you the secret that is kept between social media professionals: it is the “brands are human” strategy. All these social responsibility projects and goodwill ambassadors serve a purpose. Everything comes from our need for humanization.

We can’t understand these strategies without humanizing them. That is why brands market themselves on social media through this strategy. This fashion will continue in 2019!

Author: Buse Naz Gulan

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