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Optimize Your Shopify Thank You Page: The Ultimate Guide

A Shopify thank you page is an excellent way for you to show appreciation if your customers have already made a purchase.

However, the page should be designed in such a way that it can encourage customers to make future purchases.

If you are looking to build a successful Shopify store, then the thank you page is one of the most critical pages on your store. It's where customers will land after buying an item.

A thank you page is an afterthought for some eCommerce stores. Many store owners will use the default settings provided by the Shopify platform and neglect to create their customized thank you page.

A well-designed thank you page can significantly impact customer satisfaction & average order value!

What is a Shopify Thank You Page?

Shopify thank you page is the page that appears after a customer has completed an order.

What Are The Objectives of the Shopify Thank You Page?

The main objective of this page is to provide customers with information on their order status and get them back on the site.

You can also include a link to your return policy.

You can also use your thank you page like a product page or landing page to promote your products, cross-sell and eventually increase the average order value.

The thank-you page should typically be short and clear; it should also include your brand's logo.

Why Do You Need A Thank You Page?

Most people ignore the importance of thank you pages, but in eCommerce, it is vital.

In eCommerce, when the customers convert, they will land on your thank you page. If they convert once, they will likely convert again in the future.

You have your converted customers; you have the opportunity to sell them more or promote your new products and other customers' testimonials to increase the future conversion rates.

Don't forget you have a 100% open rate for thank-you pages.

Shopify thank you pages are the hidden treasures for your eCommerce business.

You have your converted prospect, and you are sure that they will see the thank you page you are using to promote more products and services! 👀

What Makes for a Good Thank You Page & How to Make Yours Great

A thank you page is a great way to reinforce your brand and encourage customer loyalty.

It can be the difference between a one-time sale or returning customers. So how are you going to use your thank you page?

Continue reading.

  • Use Cross-Selling Techniques
  • Engage With Your Customers On Social Media
  • Engage With Your Customers Via Linking
  • Post-Purchase Surveys
  • A/B Testing Your Thank You Page

1. Use Cross-Selling Techniques

One of the most neglected parts of eCommerce is cross-selling.

It seems like it would be so easy to take advantage of, but so many companies still don't have a solid plan for this.

Cross-selling is a marketing strategy that involves selling customers additional products or services related to the one they just purchased.

It can be an effective way for retailers to increase their sales and reach.

How can you take advantage of cross-selling on your Shopify thank you page?

  • You can offer discounts to tempt shoppers to buy from you again and show them your discounted products on your Shopify thank you page.
  • You can use popups on your thank you page, which are highly effective tactics to grab customers' attention.

You can use Popupsmart's popups to increase the average order value.

2. Engage With Your Customers On Social Media

When it comes to customer engagement, most businesses choose email. And while email is a powerful tool, the truth is that people are getting fewer and fewer of them due to spam filters.

I have some good news for you on that matter.

You can use your Shopify thank you page to keep them engaged with your brand.

Share your social media accounts on your order confirmation page with a compelling message.

They just bought from your brand. They can also be lifetime customers!

Don't forget Shopify is a great eCommerce platform, but it's also a marketing tool.

There are many ways to leverage your order confirmation and thank you pages, which can help you continue to reach out and engage with customers in the future.

You have to remember that when people place an order on your site, they are not only buying something from you; they're investing in your brand.

3. Engage With Your Customers Via Linking

When a customer buys something from your business, you have the opportunity to thank them for their purchase and engage them further by linking to relevant blog posts, announcements, videos, etc., on your website.

The blog post can be about company news or an informative article that will help make the customer's experience with your brand more enjoyable.

You also may want to consider linking back to your Shopify store.

For example, you can add a header on your thank you page, directing them to your store.

Of course, they would think they are missing other essential items and products and/or discounts!

4. Post-Purchase Surveys

What do you do after the customer buys your product?

Unfortunately, most businesses don't know that they should be doing anything.

They're so focused on getting the sale, and they forget to ask for feedback once the sale has been made.

This is a huge missed opportunity!

Post-purchase surveys are a great way to get feedback from customers.

It provides a valuable insight into how your customer perceives the product.

By asking simple questions such as if they could find what they were looking for and how easy it was to navigate the website, you can gain valuable information about your site's usability and design.

5. A/B Test Your Thank You Page

The thank-you page is the first page your buyer sees once they have completed a purchase.

While it may seem like an afterthought, this page can make or break customers' impressions of your brand.

A/B testing your thank you pages allows you to see which lead generation and sale strategies work best for your business.

Shopify Thank You Page FAQ

How do I find the URL of my Shopify thank you page?

Each order creates its own unique "Thank You" page. Shopify recalls the thank you page as an "order status page."

There is no specific URL for the thank you page.

How To Customize The Order Status/ Thank You Page?

You can enable a button in your Shopify admin panel that allows your customers to opt in to order updates after they place an order. Go to settings, and click "checkout."

You will find "customer contact" here. Click to "to check out," and you can select both phone and email, or only the email option.

In this guide, you've learned how to optimize your Shopify thank you page.

We recommend implementing these simple changes to your store and ensuring that you're getting the best possible results from your buyers!

If there is anything more we can do for you; please let us know by sharing or commenting on this article. :)

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