5 Best Shopify Pricing Table Apps to Fuel Your Sales (2023)

With the many pricing table apps available in the Shopify ecosystem, you might feel a little bit confused when it comes to choosing which one you should settle with. Well, no worries: We've got you covered.

We know that choosing a pricing table for your Shopify store might be difficult.

If you're looking to create and customize the best Shopify pricing table to be more efficient with your time and convert more visitors into customers without hard work, keep reading.

5 best shopify pricing table apps blog cover image with a pricing table illustration on the right next to shopify logo and a price tag with the title on the left

What is a Pricing Table?

A pricing table is a design element that needs to express information clearly and accurately, revealing as many aspects as possible while keeping it simple and intuitive for a user to make the best option feasible.

A price table should assist consumers in selecting the best price for them.

What is the Importance of Pricing Tables?

Pricing tables are must-have elements for explaining your company's value and benefits to customers. Thanks to pricing tables, customers can quickly check out the prices and features to make a purchase.

People are far more likely to become paying customers if they can understand the value of your product through a straightforward pricing table design.

That's why a pricing table should only provide information that a visitor is interested in. A clear price table will assist consumers in determining the best product for their requirements and preferences.

A price table is meant to convey differences in choices and features rather than similarities. If the pricing table lacks a clear differentiation between the alternatives, visitors may find it confusing and ineffective.

With a focus on a single product or service, you may quickly draw your customers' attention to a single unique plan.

Tip: You may draw attention to the price table by changing the background color (a contrast color would work), font color, or font size.

popupsmart's pricing table featuring categories free, basic, pro, and expert with different prices in USD and a popular tag on basic plan

You may go for a modern and simple pricing table look just like Popupsmart, the popup builder did. This way, your pricing table will be easy to follow.

Design and presentation are critical to meeting business objectives. For example, you may go for directing visitors to try your product first to make sure they love it and show your trust in your product.

Or, show what is popular by simply adding "Popular" on top to attract attention to that specific plan, just like the example above.

Pricing tables can also help customers choose the best bundle to meet their needs.

A decent pricing table offers a clear and straightforward "Call to Action" button that directs the client to purchase.

It is essential to ensure you have the best price table possible so the visitors will find the information they need without needing to visit other websites.

Tip: You can increase your overall sales by using a graphical pricing table as it attracts more customers.

With a well-designed pricing table, you can guide your clients toward the plan you want them to buy by emphasizing its benefits and features and making it more noticeable.

For this reason, it is essential to use eye-catching images or bigger fonts to highlight specific phrases, plans, or features. It mentally aids consumers in making a purchase.

The Shopify Pricing Table Apps

Before we dive into the apps one by one, let's see the comparison table for a general understanding.

Shopify Pricing Table Apps Comparison Table
Product Price Table by POWR Product Pricing Table by Elfsight Pricing Table by Hooked Pricing Table-Pricing Plans by Zifyapps Common: Pricing Tables by Common Ninja
 Price  $4.94/mo $5/mo   Free  $2.99/mo  $3.59/mo
 Overall Shopify Rating  4.3⭐️  4.2⭐️  3.8⭐️  4.0⭐️  5.0⭐️
 Free Plan  Yes Yes  Yes 7-day free trial   Yes

1. Product Price Table by POWR

POWR Product Price Table makes it simple to compare and contrast items, packages, bundles, services, or programs.

Here is an example of how POWR product pricing tables would look on different devices:

powr pricing table examples on tablet, phone, and laptop with a blue background and beige and black pricing tables

Top Features:

  • Fully customizable design options. You can customize colors, borders, backgrounds, and almost anything else.
  • Custom HTML is available for all plans, and Custom CSS & JS is available for Pro Plan and above.
  • Because it is entirely cloud-based, you may personalize your plugin and access your data from wherever you choose.
  • The POWR Editor allows you to add content and change your website's style without ever leaving it.
  • In addition, the Price Table plugin may be customized live on your website so that your modifications will be displayed as you make them.


  • Designed exclusively for mobile users.
  • Accept payments and donations using PayPal directly.
  • Display and sell plans, items, and features alongside one another.
  • Subscriptions and memberships can have recurring payments set up.
  • Distinguish your product or plan with the configurable "highlight" option.
  • Built-in support for text in any language.


  • Free Plan has POWR branding.
  • You can have unlimited plans on the highest plan only.
  • Loading time can be improved.

Price: The Product Price Table by POWR provides you with a free plan.

You have POWR branding removed on the Starter Plan, but if you want to try it out with the free plan first, the branding will be visible.

The Starter Plan allows you to have three pricing table plans; if you want to have an unlimited version, you need to upgrade to the Business Plan.

The Business Plan also includes business features for 60+ POWR apps.

Shopify App Store Overall Rating: 4.3⭐️

2. Product Pricing Table by Elfsight

Product Pricing Table by Elfsight helps you create pricing plans and package pricing for your Shopify store.

elfsight pricing table example with different color combinations of the same pricing example like blue and white, red and white, purple and green

Top Features:

  • You will have different layouts such as "Grid," "Table," and "Column" that you can use for various purposes. For example, you can use "Table" to show more information and "Grid" to show comparison.
  • Provide hints on hover to make it look cleaner and more informative. This way, customers can get more information when they hover on the question mark next to the feature.
  • You can make a column promoted which makes it look more significant, and you can put a ribbon on it with a catchy CTA to attract more customers.
  • You may drag and drop all the column items into the order you require for your price, or you can conceal any of them with a single click.
  • The app also allows you to include a box for prefixes such as "up to" to help you indicate your pricing range.


  • A library of about 100 different currencies with symbols to meet the needs of your business.
  • Columns are flexible, and you may adjust them directly in the editor.
  • Resize the CTA button as well as change its design and colors.
  • Adaptive to mobile devices, so your user experience will not be affected on any device.
  • Access to 5 different skins that have different color designs.
  • Design each element of the table by changing colors, sizes, and more.
  • Use it directly from the Shopify admin.


  • Free Plan has the branding visible.
  • Free installation service is not offered on Free Plan.
  • To get satisfactory support, you may need to upgrade to higher plans.
  • User reviews show that there might be some bugs and widgets render slowly.

Price: The Product Pricing Plan offers a 7-day free trial for those who want to see it in action before purchasing.

Product Pricing Plan by Elfsight provides you with a 14-day money-back guarantee period that you can cancel at any time. In addition, on the !Basic Plan, you will have unlimited websites and up to 5,000 views.

Standard support is also available on the Basic Plan, but if you prefer premium or top-priority support, you need to upgrade your plan.

Shopify App Store Overall Rating: 4.2⭐️

3. Pricing Table by Hooked

Pricing Table by Hooked helps you make stunning product pricing tables to quickly compare the features of your items.

hooked pricing table example showing hobby, premium and enterprise options with paper plane, glider and jet illustrations

You can see above what the default theme looks like.

Top Features:

  • You can use the app directly from the Shopify admin panel, which makes it work seamlessly.
  • Thanks to its integration with Shopify, it works super fast.
  • You will have access to the different ready-to-use table templates that you can customize when necessary.


  • Using Shopify's theme editor, it is easy to integrate your tables. You'll be able to insert your pricing tables on the homepage and any page.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface, you can easily build a pricing table for your store.
  • Add as many products and product features as you need to.


  • Integration of product images could be easier.
  • Customer support could be improved.

Price: Pricing Table by Hooked is a free pricing table app for Shopify.

Shopify Apps Overall Rating: 3.8⭐️

4. Pricing Table ‑ Pricing Plans by Zifyapps

Zifyapps’ Pricing Table/Pricing Plans makes it simple to present items, services, or plans side by side.

zifyapps example pricing table template 6 showing three pricing olans as standard, business and premium with different prices and features

Above you can see a template you can use by Zifyapps’ Pricing Table/Pricing Plans. You can check out its Shopify demo store to see all ten pricing table templates.

Top Features:

  • The Pricing Table-Pricing Plans app has ten predefined skins you can customize and use if necessary.
  • Customers can be upsold by displaying additional product alternatives, or they can be cross-sold by advertising similar items.
  • The app has a drag and drops feature to sort order plan items.
  • Pricing Tables-Pricing Plans support content in any language.
  • It works seamlessly directly from the Shopify admin.


  • Mobile-friendly.
  • Promote any column to attract more attention.
  • The colors of each column can be separately adjusted.
  • Font size and weight of the Pricing Table-Pricing Plans app are fully customizable.


  • So few app reviews.
  • Basic plan provides only one pricing table.

Price: Pricing Table-Pricing Plans by Zifyapps provide you with a 7-day free trial if you want to try it out first. Then, for further use, you can see the pricing below.

With the Basic Plan, you will have only one pricing table; you need to upgrade for the unlimited option. Other than that, all features are pretty much the same.

Shopify Apps Overall Rating: 4.0⭐️

5. Common: Pricing Tables by Common Ninja

Common: Pricing Tables app by Common Ninja allows you to build gorgeous pricing tables that will not only look fantastic but will also enhance conversions.

Here is the example 5 from Common: Pricing Tables.

example 5 of pricing table templates by common ninja with the colors pink, blue and purple featuring basic, starter and premium plan

Top Features:

  • Common: Pricing Table has a seamless workflow; you can use it directly from the Shopify admin. It also works with the latest themes.
  • The app allows two different mobile behaviors: Flexible and Scroll. You can choose the one that works best for your business and the pricing table.
  • The pricing table app also has an animated mode for adding motion to your static page to make it more engaging.
  • You may add as many billing cycles as you like and customize them as you see fit. With intelligent navigation, you can improve your consumers' experience!


  • Add a customizable ribbon to your table to make it more attractive.
  • Wide range of skins, you can pick a theme and use it directly.


  • So few app reviews.
  • Free Plan has the Common Ninja logo.
  • Basic Plan has 2,000 reviews per month.
  • Animated tables are for Pro and Business Plans only.

Price: Common: Pricing Table offers a Free Plan and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Basic Plan provides 2,000 views, ten tables, four plans per table, and ten cells per plan.

Shopify Apps Overall Rating: 5.0⭐️

Before You Leave…

Displaying your pricing can be the line for customers to make a purchase or leave. That’s why it is crucial to be strategic and smart while creating and designing one.

Shopify pricing table apps are providing the help you need to increase your sales, boost your average order value and conversions.

We have listed the ones that are popular, easy-to-use and reliable. You can always start with free trials to see if they really work for you to make more profit.

Which Shopify pricing table do you use?

Do you recommend it?

Meet me in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pricing Page?

The price page on your website is the landing page that offers the many pricing options or tiers accessible to customers and the advantages and features included in each tier.

Your pricing page can make it even easier for customers to buy.

Do Shopify Apps Cost Money?

Yes, they do.

Although you can find free apps, there are paid apps as well. The fees for these apps vary depending on how much you use the app or the service it interfaces with (such as the number of interactions provided by a customer service app).

They are included in your monthly Shopify subscription payment.

Do Apps Slow Down Shopify Stores?

Using too many apps may have an effect on the speed of your store. That's why choosing the apps that matter for your business is vital in order not to affect the user experience negatively.

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