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As we all need to reach information in a practical way, blogs have been helpful for the most of generation worldwide. If you need help with a particular topic, or if you want to share your experience, all you need to do is writing a few words or read them instead.

By doing that, you can target people globally and reach people who have an interest in your services. That’s why Popupsmart created this page. We share blog posts with you for some reasons. Let’s summarize our passion…

Of course, if it’s possible. :) We aim to reach you, build a transactional relationship and get your reactions. It’s very important for our company because we do care about your opinions. We’re here for you.

We try to solve your problems by providing the best experience. We aim to stay up-to-date all together!
Let’s start by giving you quick information about who we are and what we do.

PopupSmart is a conversion optimization toolkit to support your business. We aim to increase your conversions with regard to your business goal. In this case, we provide a user-friendly builder that doesn’t require coding. All you need to do is adding a single line of code to your website. Popupsmart is compatible with Google. It does not affect the opening speed of your website.

By using this tool, you can create your campaigns easily and share them on your website instantly! 

If you’re dealing with e-commerce or marketing, you’ve probably used popups before. What a bad experience it was, wasn’t it? Annoying, irritating…

Actually, we’re here to show you that it’s not like that actually. If it’s used in a productive manner, it’s 100 % beneficial!

 However, generally, it’s difficult to protect your branding. Especially, reflect it. 
We’re here to help you, particularly in this case.
  • We have turned traditional popup designs into modern ones, by letting you customize your popup campaigns.

We offer many other templates according to your business goal and it’s all up to you. Reflect your branding and turn your visitors into your loyal fans!!
Believe us, you’ll have the best experience. In this case, visit our Testimonial page to see our customers’ stories!

Do you know the power of timing?

Simply, timing is everything. Especially in marketing. If you make a move in the right time, there’s nothing left to worry about. Luckily, PopupSmart becomes a part of that activity with smart popups. You can segment your visitors and use smart triggers to display the right popup to the right person at the right time.
It’s magnificent! Isn’t it?

How about Business Goals?

In order to get the best experience, you should choose your business goal. After that, we provide our smart services for your business. It’ll be unique, incomparable and rewarding. For example, if your business goal is to increase e-commerce conversions, then we’ll fully be focused on reducing your cart abandonment. With the help of our smart behavior automation system, you’ll improve your sales conversions ASAP!

If your aim is to grow your mailing list, our smart popups help you boost your conversion rate effectively and get more e-mail subscribers. The key point is converting website visitors into e-mail subscribers. In this case, take a glance at 'Build an Email List: 34 Proven Methods to Grow Your Email List (Beginner Guide)’ to understand how to start building an email list!

Let’s say you want to put your best-rated products to the forefront or tell something about your special offers and discounts. In this case, PopupSmart helps you to guide your audience. Of course with Smart Popups!

Finally, a lot of business needs to make phone calls in order to inform their customers. If you’re one of them, PopupSmart helps you again to increase your conversion rate by supporting your phone call traffic.

Wonderful, isn’t it? Let me tell you something about our blog page.

The reason for its creation is you, JUST YOU.

Please share your experience, thoughts, additional information below the blogs in the comment section. If you do that, we’ll grow altogether, cause without you, it’s meaningless!

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All you have to do is, grabbing a cup of coffee, lean back and read these guides!