Instagram New Feature 2018 / New Way to Have Connections with NAME TAGS!

Instagram has launched a new feature that was called “NAME TAG.” The feature that will roll out the latest updates, it was a matter of curiosity for everyone.

Let’s learn everything about how to use Instagram’s new feature is Name Tag!

What is a Name Tag?

Name tags are your identity card on Instagram that you can custom everything yourself. Actually, Name Tag’s philosophy looks like Snapchat’s Snap Codes because both of them give a unique code for each user but Instagram, you make easy to find your Instagram profile for people when it’s scanned because your customizable and creative Name Tag is one and only yours! Thus, finding profiles, adding accounts or discover new pages are much easier and fun!

Explanation of what is nametag

How To Access Name Tag in Instagram?

To create your own Name Tag;

1. Open your Instagram page

2. Go to your profile

3. Tap the button with three lines at the top

4. Select “Name Tag” options

Illustration of how to access name tag in Instagram

After select this, you can use the other depth customization features such as colors, selfies or emojies to design your “Name Tag.”

Main Purposes & Benefits of Name Tag

The name tag is the newest way to advertise your Instagram page and very instantly send your profile to everyone in a cooling and fashionable way.

Illustration of main purpose of name tag

Especially, bloggers and businesses, the sky is the limit for what you can do with your Instagram name tag to promote your Instagram page and business. How can you use this new feature to your advantage to grow your tribe and engage with them?

To grow your tribe or to make more visible than before, you can use your Name Tag not only Instagram but you can consider a different way to seem by others. For example, you can add your Name Tag on your blogs or your “contact us” pages or you can use Name Tags in your Youtube videos, or use as an email signature, as a pin for Pinterest.

Instagram have three options that allow you to use Name Tag according to your purposes!

3 Steps to Use Name Tag

When your “Name Tag” feature is active with the latest updates, you can set your “Name Tag” design whatever you want that is relevant to your interest, aims or your businesses. There’re three options to design your Instagram code.

Example of 3 steps of name tag

1. Selfies

After taking a photo, you can choose the “Name Tag’s Stickers” to make your Name Tag more funny and attractive!!!

There are different types of the sticker:

  • Sunglasses (default)

Example of sunglasses selfie for name tag

  • Heart eyes

Example of heart eyes selfie for name tags

  • Moustache

Example of moustache selfies for name tag

  • Unicorn

Illustration of unicorn selfies for name tag

2. Emoji Options

By tapping the Emoji Menu, you can set your Name Tag’s background with your repeating Emojies!!!

Besides, it makes your “Name Tag” very enjoyable, you can choose emoji that is relevant to your industries.

Example of emoji option while using name tags

3. Color Options

You can change your Name Tag’s background color. There’re four different colors are available. These color options make your Name Tags are so cool and minimalist.

Example of name tag's background color option

Image of orange color option for name tag

Example of blue color option for name tag                 

Image of green color option for name tag

How To Scan Your Name Tag?

After designing your Name Tag, undoubtedly, you want to share and there are two ways to share Name Tags:

The first way, you should go to the name tag screen and press the “Scan a Name Tag” button. After this, another screen will have appeared and then you already scan it!

Illustration of scanning your name tag

The second way is starting your Insta Story page like taking a photo for your Story, then point the camera to Name Tag and press on your screen and finally hold your finger on the screen. 

Image of the scanning your name tag in Insta Story

How To Share Your Name Tag?

The easiest part of this new feature is to Share Name Tag in almost every platforms!

When you’re in the Name Tag screen, press on “Share” icon (save your Name Tag to camera roll) then, share it wherever you want like Facebook or send it to everyone with a email…

Illustration of sharing your name tag

How To Make Friend After Scanning Name Tag?

Image of making friends by using name tag

According to make friends processes with Name Tags, when you scan a name tag if you select that it’s gonna give you the camera icon and you can go ahead and put this up against the name tag just like that you recognize that name tag.

Then, you can just press view profile you’ve already followed this profile.

However, if you didn’t, it’s gonna ask you to follow it or view it. In this case, you follow it again on an Instagram account if you want to scan a name tag.

Just go ahead and go to name the tag on the bottom press scan a name tag and then put it up against someone else’s phone here and just like that it’s gonna ask you to follow them or view their profile if you already follow them.

Name Tag gives great services to the users that want to be more visible and engage their followers with their own customizable identity. Both individual and professional usage, Name Tags are really more functional and funny feature that I’ve ever seen.

Enjoy it!

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