How Much Does Webflow Cost?

Webflow is among the most used website builders out there. It helps you to build creative websites and offers accessible design features.

Whether you are planning to build a blog, the web presence of a company, or an ecommerce site, Webflow can be a useful SaaS tool.

But how much does a Webflow website cost? Webflow has several pricing plans designed for different needs. When you look at 15 different pricing plans on Webflow’s website, it is normal to get overwhelmed.

Choosing the right one might be a struggle, and it is easy to get lost, but that is why we compiled this post!

Let’s look at how much Webflow costs per year or month, along with the features of different plans.

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What are Webflow’s Different Plans?

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Webflow has many different pricing plans according to what they offer. Site plans, ecommerce plans, and workspace plans are the main pricing categories of Webflow. These three have different pricing plans as well. By briefly looking at these various plans’ features, you can decide which one works best for your business.

Site Plans

Webflow’s site plans include Starter, Basic, CMS, Business, and Enterprise. These plans are suitable for content-driven websites. In addition, simple and minimal high-traffic marketing websites can use these plans.

You can save up to 20% if you choose the yearly billing. Monthly billing and yearly billing have different pricing details as follows:

Starter Plan

  • It is free to use plan with limited access. It has a domain option and doesn’t give users a custom domain feature.
  • Maximum 50 CMS items can be used in a CMS database.
  • Offers 1 GB CDN bandwidth per month. Webflow lets its users know if they exceed this amount.

Basic Plan

  • $14 per month if billed yearly. $18 per month billed monthly.
  • Offers the essential features to build a simple yet functional website.
  • It has a custom domain feature. Users can purchase a domain through Webflow as well.
  • There are no CMS items featured in this plan.
  • Offers 50 GB CDN bandwidth per month.

CMS Plan

  • $23 per month billed yearly. $29 per month billed monthly.
  • It is great for starting a blog and content-driven website.
  • Features 2,000 CMS items.
  • Offers 200 GB bandwidth per month.
  • 3 guest editors can be added to this plan to access and edit content in the Webflow Editor.

Business Plan

  • $39 per month billed yearly. $49 per month billed monthly.
  • Users can create high-traffic marketing websites.
  • Custom domains can be created in this plan.
  • 10,000 CMS items can be added to the website.
  • A 400 GB bandwidth option is available.
  • 10 guest editors can be added to a website.

Enterprise Plan

  • You can contact the sales team of Webflow for pricing details.
  • It includes enterprise-level security and compliance.
  • Offers custom domain and custom bandwidth features.
  • According to your business needs, you can also customize guest editors. Customizable packages can make your job so much easier by optimizing the Webflow Editor.
  • Uptime SLAs, aka Service Level Agreements, are included in this plan.

Ecommerce Plans

small shopping cart and a white shopping bag with a lilac background Ecommerce plans are great for building ecommerce websites. To build a Webflow store, you can choose these plans to make sales. You can save up to 30% if you choose yearly billing. Ecommerce plans are Standard, Plus, and Advanced.

Standard Plan

  • $29 per month billed yearly. $42 per month billed monthly.
  • It can be an excellent option for small businesses.
  • The plan includes 500 items such as ecommerce products, variants, CMS items, variants, and categories.
  • Webflow charges a 2% transaction fee in addition to Paypal and Stripe fees.
  • Includes $50K annual sales volume.
  • It has CMS plan features as well.

Plus Plan

  • $74 per month billed yearly. $84 per month billed monthly.
  • Higher volume businesses can use this plan.
  • It does not charge a transaction fee.
  • Includes $200K annual sales volume.
  • Business plan features are included as well.

Advanced Plan

  • $212 per month billed yearly. $235 per month billed monthly.
  • You can include 3,000 items with this plan.
  • There is no transaction fee.
  • Offers unlimited annual sales volume and all of the Business plan’s features.

Workspace Plans

people working in a workspace with their laptops and headphones Workspace plans are suitable for collaborating teams, agencies and freelancers. If you manage multiple websites, you can choose a Workspace plan according to your needs.

Overall, Workspace plans are great for assigning roles and giving permissions. In addition, it can help businesses increase their site limits which are non-hosted. Also, adding team members and collaborating on a project becomes much more accessible.

You can save up to 32% if you choose to pay yearly.

Workspace Plans are divided into two categories which are “In-house teams” and “Freelancers & agencies.”

In-house Teams Pricing Plans

These plans are suitable for in-house teams that are regularly collaborating with each other.

Starter Plan
  • It is a free-to-use plan with limited features.
  • It can be suitable for designers working freelance or managing more than one project.
  • Only one seat can use this plan; it doesn’t include teammates and collaborators.
  • 2 unhosted sites can be built in this plan.
Core Plan
  • $19 per month billed yearly. $28 per month billed monthly.
  • Freelancers and small teams can use this plan efficiently. It allows teams to control their code.
  • You can add custom codes and export HTML and CSS files. Also, you can create dynamic content in this plan.
  • Workspace admins and owners can customize billing information and subscriptions.
  • You can add ten unhosted sites which are designed on Webflow. These sites can be non-premium ones.
  • Maximum 3 seats can be added to a workspace.
Growth Plan
  • $49 per month per seat billed yearly. $60 per month per seat if billed monthly.
  • Growing teams and agencies can choose this plan.
  • Up to 9 seats can be added to this plan.
  • There is no limit on adding unhosted sites in this plan.
  • You can add custom codes and enrich your website.
  • Clean HTML and CSS files can be exported, enabling you to create dynamic content.
  • Publishing permissions can be customized according to different team members.
Enterprise Plan
  • You can contact the sales team for this plan’s pricing details since it can be customized according to different business requirements.
  • It offers enterprise-level security and scalability. Also, it brings compliance to your website.
  • Seat limits can be customized according to team needs.
  • You can add as many unhosted sites as you want since there is no limit.
  • Controlling the permissions is possible while publishing content or a product on a website.
  • Custom codes can be added along with HTML & CSS file exports. Creating dynamic content becomes possible.
  • You can secure your business thanks to advanced security and performance options. Advanced security options include a single sign-on. Also, the customer success team can answer your questions and be there for you if you are having trouble using Webflow.

Freelancers & Agencies Plans

These plans can be functional for freelancers and agencies that are collaborating with their clients.

Starter Plan
  • It is free to use with limited features.
  • Only one seat can use this plan.
  • It provides two unhosted site options on domains.
Freelancer Plan
  • $16 per month per seat billed yearly. $24 per month per seat billed monthly.
  • It can be used by up to 3 seats.
  • It allows you to add ten unhosted sites on domains.
  • This plan provides full CMS access to users on unhosted websites.
Agency Plan
  • $35 per month per seat billed yearly. $42 per month per seat billed monthly.
  • It can be used by up to 9 seats.
  • It provides unlimited unhosted websites on domains.
  • Full CMS access on unhosted websites is included.
  • It allows you to manage your team’s publishing permissions.

Which Webflow Pricing Plan Is Right For You?

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While deciding on which Webflow plan is the best for you, you need to consider your business needs. Then, according to your business type, size, and different requirements, you can choose a plan among various options.

Quick Comparison of Webflow Pricing Plans
Plan Pricing  Free Plan Best for
Site Plans Starts from $14 Available Content-driven sites
Ecommerce Plans Starts from $29 No Ecommerce websites
Workspace Plans Starts from $16 Available Collaborating teams

If you want to test it out first and see if it can work for you, you can begin with starter plans which are free to use. After that, you can change your pricing plan to more advanced ones with rich features.

Billing yearly makes more sense if you plan to use Webflow for a long time. It helps you to save more than billing monthly.

In Conclusion

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Webflow really has many pricing plans, right? Choosing a plan might seem difficult at first; that’s why we explained their different features in this content.

By looking at their key features and keeping your business needs in mind, you can decide which one can be better.

We hope you can benefit from this content and make up your mind about this issue. 🧐

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Webflow Website Cost?

Webflow pricing options vary between $14 and $235. Advanced and Enterprise plans can be expensive, but they offer many exclusive features, so it might be worth checking them out.

Enterprise pricing plans of Webflow might change according to different business needs. You can contact the sales team of Webflow if you are planning to use the Enterprise plan.

Can I Use Webflow For Free?

Webflow has Starter plans which are free to use. If you want to try a free plan, you can choose a starter site plan or workspace starter plan. These plans offer limited features and access but can be useful at first to get an insight into Webflow’s functioning.

Is Webflow Worth The Money?

Webflow is a great website builder which has many practical features. It helps you to create dynamic content with CMS items. In addition, it offers different plans with various capabilities.

Considering that, choosing the one plan that can help you to grow your business is not that difficult.

As we have explained in this content, you can choose between Site, Ecommerce, and Workspace plans and start building your company’s online presence.

Apart from these, choosing the option of annual billing can help you save more. So it can be said that Webflow is worth the money if its solutions go hand in hand with your needs.

Which Is Better: WordPress or Webflow?

Considering their pricing details, WordPress and Webflow don’t have many differences. But when comparing their features, both of these website builders offer various features. For example, Webflow is a SaaS application with CMS items that make dynamic content.

On the other hand, WordPress is an open-source website builder and CMS.

Both website builders are practical if you want to build an ecommerce website or a content-driven website. However, you can choose Webflow if you’re going to design and customize your website more independently.

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